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There are life experiences that change us a lot; there are moments lived so intense that you can not forget even with time!

I can still remember the most intense AMSTERDAM FESTIVAL as if it was yesterday, the moments of that time still feel and now with the desire to live again! When I remember how my holiday started then and how I expected it to be, I can not help but smile at the thought that I was louder and more crazy than I had ever dreamed of!

The first day of the holiday had not started very well, in the morning I woke up with the bad news that Adam, my best friend, could not come with me in the much-planned vacation of AMSTERDAM, and I had to decide whether to go or not alone! I decided to go alone because I wanted to experience the RED LIGHT experience in AMSTERDAM, which I heard so much about! I intended to live every moment to the maximum even if I’m alone!

My plane was delayed, but that did not bother me when I landed at the SCHIPHOL AIRPORT the weather was a bit cold but pleasant, now I began my adventure as a tourist in Amsterdam!

I rushed to go where I had planned accommodation during my vacation in AMBASSADE HOTEL AMSTERDAM a luxurious and elegant place, a 5-star hotel where I was going to feel like in paradise!

The hotel was very close to the VAN GOGH MUSEUM AMSTERDAM, so I thought that the first place to visit was to go to the famous place called RED LIGHT AMSTERDAM!

I was very keen to visit the EROTIC MUSEUM that I had heard so much and to enjoy the pleasures of the CANNABIS MUSEUM where I was planning to arrive!

We got there; we passed the place MOULIN ROUGE, which was set right next to the famous showcases where the beautiful escorts invite you to intense pleasures! Of course, I came in from curiosity and sexual desire; I just proposed to try everything that offered me Amsterdam!

It was an intense experience, but I felt like I wanted more magic and erotic moments, moments that made me lose my sense!

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When he came to the door of the room, I was out of air! Her natural beauty was limitless, her fine skin and blond hair make her look like a seductive angel! Her body with sensual shapes seduced me without remedy, her natural and round breasts led me to a supreme desire to touch it, taste it! As I saw it, I knew it would be the woman of my dreams! I had an unforgettable night with a professional escort who fulfilled all my fantasies and gave me a night full of eroticism and passion!

I worked very well with the escort agency, and the next night I sent another escort, the opposite of the first evening angel but equally passionate and full of sexuality! She was a woman with black hair, long and her touches could do miracles with my body!

Thanks to the escort agency, my vacation in Amsterdam was unforgettable, and I’m just waiting to come back to repeat the lived experience!