Escort Interview Adda

Amsterdam Escort

One of the things I envy most about the escorts I interview is their excellent physical shape. These women all have perfect bodies, stunning legs, and completely flawless flat bellies. It is absolutely not easy to find women like this in everyday life. Perhaps also, for this reason, people spend a lot of money to spend hot evenings with a beautiful party escort. Today I have to talk to Adda, an Amsterdam escort with a stunning body specializing in striptease escort service.

Adda is happy to meet me. Our meeting takes place in the lobby of the Ibis Amsterdam hotel, where we will have dinner and talk about her job as a party escort.

Adda is wearing a lovely red dress, her hair is down to her shoulders, and she is wearing stunning red sandals. Her dress is semi-transparent, and I can see the perfection of her body.

We can start the interview; Adda seems really eager to talk to me.


“Hi Adda, thanks for being here with me.”

“Thank you for the invitation; I am always thrilled to talk about my job as an Amsterdam escort.”

“You specialize in striptease escort service, and this service is definitely based on having a stunning body. Can you tell me how you take care of your body every day?”

“I have always been passionate about fitness, and I must say that my genetics have helped me. I have never been fat, and I am lucky enough to eat what I want without ever putting on weight. Thanks to this talent, it is easy for me to stay in shape with a proper diet and exercise, unlike other girls. ”

“I guess having a perfect body is a basic requirement for being an Amsterdam escort.”

“Yes, especially if you want to do business at a certain level. We are top of the range, the best of the best, and therefore the people who pay us always expect to have experiences that they cannot have elsewhere. I see some party escorts in terrible physical shape compared to the girls who work with me. I can’t conceive how people may pay a lot of money for those bodies, but obviously, for them, it is not a problem at all. My philosophy is to give people the maximum for what they paid. When I buy something, I expect a perfect product or service. Therefore it is right for me to apply this philosophy of life when other people buy something from me. ”

“Did you have a hard time training because of the pandemic?”

“Not particularly. As I said, I am a very lucky Amsterdam escort because I don’t get fat, and so I just needed to train at home with some stretching and not overdo the food to keep my body in great shape. I also trained a lot to dance, so I don’t lose my striptease escort service skills. ”

“Is dancing essential to striptease escort service? I always thought clients were primarily interested in seeing beautiful bodies.”

“Seeing a beautiful body is always beautiful, but the striptease escort service is mainly based on seduction, a game of excitement, progressively raising the bar of the forbidden more and more. Dancing is essential to create the right environment for this service, and I could never do it except dancing perfectly. I am lucky in this too because I love all kinds of music and therefore dancing is effortless for me. Also, for this reason, I am a perfect party escort: put me in a situation where there is music, and I guarantee you will never be bored. ”

“Were there any clients who made special requests during the striptease escort service?”

“Well, it depends what you mean by special requests. Usually, clients ask me not to take off the fishnets or to keep only high heels. For me, there are no problems; I’m used to dancing in high heels.”

“Do you have a favorite genre of music?”

“I love all music, but if I have a choice, I think romantic music or a nice guitar solo is perfect as the soundtrack of my striptease escort service. But I can dance anything.”

“Do all your clients always buy your striptease escort service during their Amsterdam escort experience?”

“Not always, but often enough. A good striptease is a great way to start a good night of passion, don’t you think?”

“Well, surely there are worse ways.”

“The important thing is that the client doesn’t touch me while I dance. I’m doing a show just for him, and so the only thing he has to do is stand still and observe something that only he has the privilege of being able to watch.”

“You are very sure of your worth.”

“I have to be. Being a party escort is a daily challenge, and I always have to be in the best of physical and mental shape. I have to sell a product, in this case, my body, and I have to beat the competition. To do this, I have to live as if I am unique, always be confident and determined, and give my clients the feeling that they will be privileged to be with me one evening and not the other way around. ”

“You’re right. What are your plans for the future?”

“The pandemic has slowed down all my plans, but it has allowed me to think carefully about where I have arrived so far, where I want to go and how I can go about getting there. I have rethought some goals and decided to achieve them in another way. I am quite a superstitious person, so I don’t want to tell you too much about my plans for the future, but I can tell you that you will still hear about me and that I will have the possibility to do whatever I like for a long time.”

“Good luck.”

“Thanks so much.”


The interview is over.