Seeing a beautiful girl dancing sensually in front of you is always very beautiful, and it is one of the things that pushes people to attend strip clubs and to pay for the chance to see private lap dance shows where the hired girl will dance just for him. Many customers have asked us if there was a similar service to see a beautiful ballet performed by one of our Amsterdam Escort Girls. We are always 100% motivated to fulfill all the requests of our customers. For this reason, we have designed and created the Lap Dancing Escort Service. This service will give you the great honor of seeing an exclusive erotic lap dance in your hotel room and will be the only authorized spectator!

If the idea of ​​having a beautiful girl in your room, who will dance sensually just for you seems interesting, then read on, because the Lap Dancing Escort Service could be the service you’ve been waiting for!


Lap Dancing Escort Service … what a great idea! How it works?

Many of our girls have a background as dancers in clubs in Amsterdam. They know how to dance in a beautiful and sensual way, any type of music. Therefore, we could not exploit their talent so as not to create an innovative, absolutely unique Escort service that allows those he buys him to be the only spectator of a lap dance or a highly erotic ballet in his hotel room.

Our girls will know how to dance in a sensual way, any type of music, with the outfit required and for as long as necessary to satisfy the customer, and we can guarantee you that you will never be disappointed.

In the Lap Dancing Escort Service you will have the opportunity to see in the front row and absolutely exclusively an erotic lap dance (or alternatively an erotic ballet, if you cannot use a pole) in your bedroom, performed live just for you by of a beautiful escort in Amsterdam. It will be an absolutely unique show in the world, and that can never be reproduced.

Lap dance will be the best way to get you excited, to get ready for sex, or to have fun watching a beautiful girl move sensually just for you.

Do not worry about the quality of the ballet. All our girls are expert dancers who have rhythm in their blood and can dance any music and make any melody erotic.

You will be sure to watch a show unique in the world, just for you, and that no one will ever be able to have precisely the same dance, and you will never forget it, we can assure you.

Wow, I’m really curious to try it. Can I have sex if I only buy this service?

No, sorry. This service is perfect for starting a hot evening with a beautiful Amsterdam escort companion, or inside a bachelor party, or during sex, but buying this Escort Service alone will not allow you to have sex with the girl who you paid.

In fact, the Lap Dancing Escort Service will only allow you to see the lap dance of the girl you have hired and to excite you before having sex. To have sex, you must necessarily buy other services, such as the Basic Package with regular sex and blowjob with a condom or the A-Level Escort Service to have anal sex. These services can be added to the Lap Dancing Escort Service to personalize your entire Amsterdam Escort Experience.

To avoid misunderstandings, since you cannot have sex only with this service, we have decided that you will not be able to buy it individually but only with other services.


I understand. What can I do to get the most out of this service?

Yes, here are our tips for getting the most out of the Lap Dancing Escort Service.


Do not take personal initiatives and let the escort take her time to perform a first level performance.

Always be polite and patient.

The service can only be done in your hotel room. Remember to close it to avoid the risk of someone entering the room during the service.

Our girls have music that they can dance on their smartphones, but you can also decide to make them dance to any music you want.

You have total freedom for the outfit that the girls will wear during the lap dance. However, we ask you to choose clothes and shoes that do not hinder movements.

In some cases, it will not be possible to perform a lap dance, and therefore the girl will perform an erotic dance.

If you have sex, remember that all the sex that will take place in the Amsterdam Escort Experience will have to be done with a condom, even oral sex.

If you want the service to be absolutely perfect, don’t take personal initiatives and just watch the girl.


Well, I will respect these tips. And what should I not do?

Here are the things you absolutely must avoid doing.


Don’t be rude, and always respect the escort who is working for you.

Do not touch the escort during the service.

The best thing you can do is watch her lap dance. You can’t masturbate while the girl is dancing for you.

Don’t put on too loud music, other hotel guests could complain and spoil the service.

You can’t have sex without a condom.

We remind you that it is impossible to take photos or videos during the Lap Dancing Escort Service and throughout your Amsterdam Escort Experience.

Perfect, and what should I do to book the service?

Go to our site, select the girl you are interested in and then tell us what services you want to do.

Tell us where and when to perform the service, and we will organize the best Lap Dancing Escort Service ever for you!