Many scholars have spent a lot of time investigating what makes cumshots so fascinating for humans. The outcome of these in-depth analyzes was that the cumshot has several factors that make it truly irresistible for a man. The first factor is the taboo that is broken by taking a cumshot in a woman’s mouth or face. The second fascinating aspect is the spirit of emulation of famous pornstars who do these things every day. The third aspect is the feeling of power and possession that the cumshot on the woman’s body generates in the man as if to say, “this is mine woman.” The cumshot on the body is beautiful, but the climax of pleasure is reached by cumming in the woman’s mouth after having fucked her all night long. But women don’t always like to have cum in their mouths. We decided to satisfy this men’s right by creating the Cim Escort Service (Cum In Mouth Escort Service). This escort service allows you to cum in the mouth of a beautiful escort at the end of your fuck!


If you really like Cum in Mouth, then this is the perfect Escort Service for you. Continue reading this article to understand the great potential of our new Cim Escort Service!


Cim Escort Service … wow, it’s fabulous. How does it work?

Cum in the mouth of a woman is a dream and a passion for many men (and also for many women). It is a climax of pleasure that is really impossible to describe in words, and that can not be reached in any other way, regardless of whether the girl decides to swallow or spit the cum.

Unfortunately, not all women agree to do this for their partner for several reasons. For example, they are afraid of being considered bitches, or simply do not appreciate the salty taste of sperm and do not want to have it in the mouth.

However, these things prevent the man from being able to cum in his woman’s mouth, and this need remains unsatisfied for a long time.

To solve this problem, we decided to overcome every limit and take the situation in hand, recruiting only Amsterdam escort girls who are passionate about sex and blowjobs and who really love the taste of sperm. We selected them for our new escort service called Cim Escort Service. This escort service allows all our customers to cum in the mouth of the escort they chose at the end of a good fuck or after an oral sex session whenever they wish.

Thanks to the Cim Escort Service, you will have the opportunity to take off your condom just before reaching orgasm and cum inside the mouth of your escort, who will wait for nothing but taste the flavor of your cum. It is a unique experience and that you will not be able to relive anywhere else with such beautiful and sex-hungry women.

Do not waste any more time because this service is really in demand, and you cannot risk losing your chance to do the Cim Escort Service whenever you want!


Wow, that’s really what interests me! Can I have sex if I only buy this service?

No, sorry. If you buy the Cim Escort Service, you will have the great privilege of being able to cum in the mouth of the escort you chose at the end of your fuck or after having done the Oral Sex Escort Service. To use this service, it is, therefore, necessary to purchase it together with some Escort Services where you can have sex, such as, for example, the Basic Package with regular sex and blowjob with condom, the Oral Sex Escort Service or the A-Level Escort Service for anal sex.

The Cim Escort Service can only be purchased together with these services, and to avoid any problems, we have decided that it will not be possible to buy it alone.


I understand. What can I do to get the most out of this service?

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of this service:


Always be polite and respectful of the escort babe who is working with you.

Do not take personal initiatives and respect the directions of the escort babe.

Relax, take your time, and let the escort handle the situation in the best way.

Clean your penis very well, especially if you put it in the mouth of the escort you have chosen. Cleaning must be done before having sex.

All the sex you will have, including oral sex, must be done with a condom. You can only remove it at the end to use the Cim Escort Service.

You can choose to put the cock in the mouth of the escort and cum or take a direct cumshot in her mouth. Get in touch with the escort before starting the service, and try not to hit her face.

Allow the escort to wash her mouth with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and professional mouthwash as soon as the service is finished.


Excellent indications. And what should I avoid doing in this service?

Here is what you should absolutely avoid doing within the Cim Escort Service:

Don’t be rude and disrespect the escort you have hired.

Don’t force the girl to do something that hasn’t been agreed upon.

You can’t have sex without a condom, and the same goes for oral sex.

By paying extra, the girl can masturbate you to make you cum.

The girl cannot swallow your sperm, even with the payment of an extra.

We remind you that it is absolutely not allowed to take photos or videos during your Amsterdam Escort Experience.


Ok, how can I book the service?

Choose the girl you want on our site and tell us the services you want to do, including the Cim Escort Service.

Tell us where and when you want to do it, and we will organize the best Cim Escort Service ever for you!