Dinner Date Escort Service

Going to dinner in a famous restaurant in Amsterdam is certainly one of the things to do when visiting the Dutch capital, but why go there alone or with friends if you have the opportunity to go there accompanied by a beautiful woman, who wears an elegant dress and is it ready to make you spend a lovely evening? There are not many women of this type in Amsterdam, they are almost impossible to find because they have all been hired by Call Girls Escorts to enter their escort directory and become the most beautiful and sought-after escorts in the city. And our Dinner Date Escort Service is the perfect service for those who want to have dinner with a sexy escort in a famous restaurant in Amsterdam!

Yes, you got it right, just have dinner alone or in the company of some friends! You will have dinner with a beautiful woman in a famous place in Amsterdam, and you will be envied by all the men of the city, and all this thanks to our Dinner Date Escort Service!

If you want to discover all the secrets of this service and understand if it is what you are looking for for your transgressive evening in Amsterdam, then read on this article, because this is the place where all your questions will be answered!

Dinner Date Escort Service … I’m interested, but how does it work?


Excellent question! In this service, you will have the great honor of being able to spend a pleasant evening in the company of one of our beautiful escorts and to have dinner with her in one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam. Our advice is to make an excellent impression, and to book a table in a famous restaurant, avoiding pizzerias and fast food.


Can I choose the restaurant?

Yes, the customer has the right to choose the restaurant where this service will take place. However, each girl has a favorite restaurant or has individual preferences for different reasons (diet, food intolerance, lifestyle, etc.). In each profile of our escort babes, their favorite restaurant is clearly indicated, but each girl can adapt, as far as possible, to the customer’s request. Obviously, those who are vegan will never go to a restaurant where they eat steaks. In any case, we advise you to contact the staff indicating the restaurant where you want to go, and we will recommend the best girl.


Can I also choose the girl’s outfit?

Obviously. Our girls have lots of sexy clothes that you can observe and decide what to wear, or you can buy the dress and shoes you prefer, and they will wear them during your Dinner Date Escort Service. Of course, you can also choose a very sexy look, but the important thing is that this look must be suitable for the venue. In an elegant restaurant, we recommend not to ask our girls to wear clothes too sexy.

Will I have to pay for the escort’s dinner?

Yes, all costs are borne by the customer. But the money you spend is absolutely justified by the possibility of spending a beautiful evening with a sexy escort!


What can I talk to the girl about?

Our girls can talk about many different topics, such as sports, cinema or gossip. We have selected sexy, smart, and glamor girls just for you. However, we advise you to avoid too hot topics (a restaurant is not the most suitable place for this type of service), and not to ask personal questions. We also advise you not to disclose too much personal data to our escorts, to maintain the aura of mystery that will surround you.


Can I have sex if I buy only this service?

No, I’m sorry, but no sexual performance is included in this service. To have sex with the escort babe you have chosen, you will need to purchase other services, such as the A-Level Escort Service, or the Basic Package with regular sex and a condom blowjob. You can buy this service alone to be able to spend a pleasant evening with a beautiful woman, or use it as a first step in your Amsterdam Escort Experience!

I understand … What advice can you give me to make a good impression on my escort babe?

First, be yourself. You don’t have to play a character or pretend you’re something you’re not. Take care of your physical appearance, shave, and wear a cute dress. Our girls always appreciate education and cleanliness in a man. Tip the waiter and focus on spending a wonderful evening with a wonderful woman. Relax, and everything will be fine.


Thanks for your suggestions. And are there any things I should avoid doing?

Yes, you definitely don’t have to be vulgar and talk about sex. As already mentioned, the Dinner Date Escort Service is not the best time to talk only about sex. Don’t be rude and rude to the girl, because she is working for you and wants to allow you to spend a lovely evening with her. Likewise, don’t be arrogant with the waiters and people who work in the restaurant.

Do not spend all your time on your cell phone, devote all your attention to the escort you have hired, and we remind you that, to protect the privacy of our escort babe, it is not allowed to take photos or videos during your entire Amsterdam Escort Experience and during the Dinner Date Escort Service.

Thank you very much for your advice. And what do I have to do to book this service?

You have to choose the girl you like from our escort directory. All the girls offer the possibility of having a Dinner Date Escort Service with them, so all you have to do is choose the girl you prefer. Tell us the services you want to do, and we will organize your booking for you!


Thanks a lot, I can’t wait to have my Dinner Date!