All men have sex to prove of great emotion and a sea of pleasure, and the climax of all these positive feelings is undoubtedly the moment of orgasm, where all the pleasure accumulated can no longer be held back and launches a sketch of hot sperm. The moment of the cumshot is the pinnacle of every fuck, both on an amateur level and done by professional porn actors, and also in the world of escorts, the moment when the client reaches orgasm is always eagerly awaited by the escort babes, who in this way they have proof that they have done an excellent job and that they have correctly given pleasure. The escort babes Amsterdam allows men to realize many hidden desires and fantasies that until then were only inside their heads, and among these, there is undoubtedly the cumshot on the woman’s body, just like in a porn movie. Not all women appreciate the feeling of having hot sperm on them, and therefore it is not always possible to cum on a girl’s body. Fortunately, however, we know that our girls love to receive hot cumshots everywhere and we have decided to help all the people who cannot achieve this erotic fantasy by creating the Cob Escort Service (Come On Body Escort Service), the escort service that challenges all taboo and that allows our client to shoot his hot cum on the body of his escort baby without any problem at the end of their sensational fuck.

If you’ve always dreamed of doing this, then you’re in the right place at the right time, because this service is exactly what you were looking for.

Continue reading this article, and you will find out everything you need to know to be able to book the Cob Escort Service and to understand what you can get thanks to this exclusive escort service!


Cob Escort Service … can you always surprise me … how does it work?

The cumshot is the moment when the man reaches the peak of pleasure during the fuck and shoots his cum. You can do the cumshot wherever you want: in the woman (with the risk of getting her pregnant), inside the condom, or, like the pornstar on dell’escort body that was hired to live a beautiful Amsterdam Escort Experience.

The cumshot is the moment when the man reaches the peak of pleasure during the fuck and shoots his cum. You can take the cumshot wherever you want: inside the woman (with the risk of getting her pregnant), inside the condom, or, as porn stars do, on the body of the escort who hired to live a beautiful Amsterdam Escort Experience. Not all women appreciate the idea of ​​being covered in hot cum and often refuse to do so, but our escort girls are always very excited to receive hot sticky cum splashes.

Thanks to this escort service called Cob Escort Service, you can cum on the escort’s body after having sex. You can choose any point of your body, such as the breast, or the belly, the butt, or even the feet or the face (you may need to pay a little extra), remove your condom when you are close to orgasm and then shoot your hot cum on her body!

Aim and shoot with precision, because your escort is looking forward to receiving a hot ration of cum!


Wow, what an excellent service! Can I have sex if I buy this service?

The Cob Escort Service is designed to allow you to cum on the escort you have engaged after having sex, so in order to use this service, you must also purchase an Escort Service that allows you to have sex, such as the Basic Package with sex regular and blowjob with a condom or the A-Level Escort Service to be able to fuck your escort’s ass with top quality anal sex. Thanks to the Cob Escort Service purchase, you can make your Amsterdam Escort Experience even better, thanks to the possibility of cumming on her perfect body.

You can also purchase this service without pairing it with a service where you have sex, such as the Lapdance Escort Service or the Striptease Escort Service, but we prefer to encourage the purchase of the service together with a service where you can have sex so that you can try the complete experience.


Thanks, a perfect explanation. What can I do to get the most out of this experience?

Here are some tips on the things you can do to have a perfect Cob Escort Service:

Always be polite and respectful of the escort who is having sex with you.

All the sex that will be done must take place strictly with condoms, including oral sex. You can only remove the condom to cum on your escort’s body.

Always keep tissues near the bed, so that the escort can clean your cum.

The girl must be able to wash herself with soap and water after the service.

We advise you to agree in advance on the part of the body where to cum before starting to have sex.

The Cob Escort Service allows you to cum all over the girl’s body; however, each girl can refuse to have the service performed on some parts of the body or ask for a little extra for other parts, for example, the face.

You can make special requests to the girl to ask to do actions with your cum, but there is no guarantee that the girl will accept.

Try not to make mistakes aim with the cumshot and to cum only in the agreed body part.

You can ask the girl to make you a handjob or a footjob to make you cum, but this may require extra payment, and not all the girls will agree to do it.

If you have sex, let the girl take control of the situation, focus on getting the best cumshot possible!