city tour Amsterdam


Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and every day it is visited by many tourists from all over Europe and from across the globe. This city has many places that deserve to be visited, and tourists know that one trip is not enough to visit the Dutch capital. To travel around every corner of Amsterdam, you need several trips, and every time you discover something new. People who visit Amsterdam do it alone or in the company of friends or a tour guide. But what would you do if we told you that your tour guide could be a beautiful escort from our agency? We’re not kidding, that’s what will happen thanks to our brand new service called City Tour Escort Service, the service that will allow you to visit every corner of Amsterdam together with a beautiful woman.

If you are interested in this service, then continue reading this article, because you will find the answer to all the questions related to our new City Tour Escort Service!

City Tour Escort Service … I’m interested. How does It work?

Our new City Tour Escort Service was created to allow all our customers to visit the city of Amsterdam, together with one of our beautiful escorts. In this service, the escort you have chosen will accompany you to any place in the town, and you will be able to enjoy the honor of her company for as long as you wish.


Can I visit any place in the city?

Yes, all the main tourist places in the city are perfect for this service. In the case of museums or buildings with a limited number of visitors, we recommend that you book your entrance first, and then select the service.

Each girl has a favorite place that is written on each girl’s personal file, but they are always available to visit almost all areas in the city.


Are there any places or places where it is not possible to use the City Tour Escort Service?

Yes. You cannot go to night clubs with this service, because in those places the escorts cannot give you 100% of their attention. Furthermore, you cannot go to the parties that take place in clubs in Amsterdam because we have other services that take care of satisfying this request.

Also, some girls don’t like to go to coffee shops or the Red Light District for personal reasons. If you want to go to a coffee shop or in the District, inform us and we will recommend the perfect girl for you.

Aside from these small restrictions, you can visit all the places you want, such as the Van Gogh Museum, the Royal Palace, or the Heineken Experience museum.

Can I also go to the theater, to concerts or to the cinema with the escort I have chosen?

Yes, these opportunities are perfect for using this service. Our escorts love the theater or watch a good movie at the cinema. Again, first book your seats, and then contact us.


Can I decide on the girl’s outfit?

Yes, you can ask to wear specific clothes or shoes for your service. The girl will try to please you if possible. We invite you to consider the place where this service will take place and choose a suitable outfit. For example, if you want to walk around Dam Square and in the streets of the Old Town, then high stiletto heels are absolutely not suitable for long walking. Likewise, for that location, a low-cut evening dress is absolutely not appropriate. Our escorts have lots of clothes and shoes for you and will follow your directions if possible. Alternatively, you can give them maximum freedom to choose the best dress or buy it yourself and send it to the girl.


What happens if the service cannot be performed?

If it rains, or if you or the escort babe you have chosen are sick, there is no problem. We can schedule the service on another day, according to the girl’s schedule, or refund you if you wish.


Can I have sex with this service?

Absolutely not, sorry. In this service, there is absolutely no sexual performance. It is a service in which the woman you have chosen will accompany you to various points of the city, sharing her time with you. You can visit any place in the town, talk about anything, and have good times and great memories, but you cannot have sex, unless you buy escort services that offer sexual services, such as the A-Level Escort Service or the Basic Package with regular sex and condom blowjob. The City Tour Escort Service can be purchased together with many other services that offer sex or purchased alone.

What advice do you give me to make a good impression?

Put on a cute dress, and bring a beautiful gift to the escort you have chosen. It doesn’t have to be a jewel, but a bouquet of flowers will also help you make a good impression. Also, show yourself polite and respectful and allow the escort to have fun with you. You are two tourists, always remember that.


And what should I avoid doing?

Don’t be rude and rude to her. Do not try to kiss her or have physical contact that is not included in the service, because it will be very unpleasant. You cannot take photos or videos during the City Tour Escort Service and throughout your Amsterdam Escort Experience.


How can I book the service?

Go to our web page, and select the escort you like best. Tell us you want to do the City Tour Escort Service and tell us where and when. We will inform you if it is possible to carry out the service on the date you have chosen and we will propose alternatives in case of problems.

We will organize the booking for you, and you will have a beautiful City Tour with one of our sexy escort babes!