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Getting married is one of the most important events in a person’s life. It means to unite one’s destiny and that of one’s partner forever, to love and respect each other and be faithful. But this must happen AFTER the wedding. Before the ceremony, there is still time to have fun and transgress, and the best way is to have a bachelor party in Amsterdam and choose our Bachelor Party Escort Service!

We guarantee the presence of a beautiful woman, unbridled fun, and total privacy. Nobody will know what happened, what happens in the Bachelor Party Escort Service remains in the Bachelor Party Escort Service!

If you are planning your bachelor party or that of a friend, then this article is perfect for you!

Read on, and you will find out everything you need to know to understand if this service is what you were looking for!


Bachelor Party Escort Service … seems fabulous. How does it work?

The bachelor party is the moment when a man spends one of his last celibate nights. Traditionally, this night is dedicated to the party and transgression, before starting a new phase of his life as a married man.

A bachelor party can be done in different ways: in a club, in a restaurant, a trip with friends, a visit to some city, and much more, but if you really want to transgress and maintain total anonymity, then our Bachelor Party Escort Service is what you need!

Thanks to this service, you can have the company of one or more of our Amsterdam Escort Girls all night long! The girls will accompany you to any restaurant, or they can stay with you in the hotel room and give life to a private show only for those who have been invited to the bachelor party.

Thanks to our girls’ presence, you can unleash and do what you want without having to worry about the consequences. In fact, our babes are real professionals who protect their customers’ privacy, and you will never have to worry that the bride will find out what happened in the Bachelor Party Escort Service!

Choose this service to have the best bachelor party ever!


What can I do in the Bachelor Party Escort Service?

In this service, you can have the company of the escort or of the girls you have chosen all night during your Bachelor Party. For example, if you go to the disco all night, our girls will be with you and entertain you. If you go to the restaurant, they will be at your table, and if you stay in the hotel then the escort you have chosen can make a private show just for you, a show you will never forget.


Can I have sex with the escort I have chosen with this service?

No, I’m sorry. This service will give you the opportunity to spend time with a beautiful escort throughout the bachelor party, but you will have to agree with her all the services that will be performed during the duration of the service.

Our escort girls will always be at your disposal for everything you want to do, and you can agree with them all the services that will be performed, from sex to striptease, up to a private show only with the promised groom.

To make a comparison, it is exactly like in the Dinner Date Escort Service: you can have the honor of having dinner with a beautiful escort, but this does not mean that you can have sex.

Nothing prevents you from buying this service and spending only one evening in the company of a beautiful escort babe, but if you want to have sex, you will have to be ready to pay extra expenses.

Since this is a special service, you can purchase it individually, keeping in mind that you will not be able to have sex.


I get it. What can I do to get the most out of this service?

Education must be the basis of this service. The escort babe you have chosen will devote all her attention to giving you a special first-level service and follow all her instructions to avoid problems.

If you have sex, always remember to use condoms, even for oral sex.

Our girls don’t really like drunk customers who lose control, so don’t drink too much and pay attention to the girl you hired for the Bachelor Party Escort Service.

If you organize the party to give the groom a night of sex with the escort babe, make sure the groom wants to do it.

If you are the groom, don’t worry, our babes are professional and will protect your privacy, and the bride will never find out what happened on the night of your Bachelor Party in Amsterdam!

Excellent explanation, and what should I avoid doing?


Don’t be in a hurry, take your time, and follow all the directions of the escort to have excellent service.

Don’t bother the girl by touching her too much if she doesn’t ask for it.

You cannot ask for extra services for which you have not paid.

You can’t have sex without a condom.

We remind you that you cannot take photos and videos throughout this service and throughout your Amsterdam Escort Experience. This rule is even more stringent in the Bachelor Party Escort Service to protect the groom’s privacy as much as possible.


I get it. What should I do to book the service?

You must choose the Amsterdam escort you like best on our site and then tell us that you are going to buy the Bachelor Party Escort Service. Tell us what you want to do in the service so that the escort you have chosen can prepare us and in which hotel to meet. The girl will arrive at the time you have selected with the outfit you ordered, and your Bachelor Party Escort Service can finally start!