Kissing is one of the most romantic things you can do while fucking. Kissing a beautiful woman is the best way to go to the next level, get more and more excited, and make your Amsterdam escort experience unforgettable.

Not all escorts agree to be kissed, but we are proud to have selected only the most beautiful girls who love being kissed by all their clients while having sex. For these girls, having sex without being kissed is impossible; it’s like taking a shower dressed. To satisfy your desire for kisses, we have decided to create a new extra service, called Kissing Escort Service, where you will have the great privilege of being able to kiss one of our beautiful escort babes while having sex with them.

If you love kisses, and you want to know all about this service, then continue reading this article, because you will find all the information necessary to understand if this service is what you are looking for!


Kissing Escort Service … looks nice! How it works?

In this service, you will have the great privilege of being able to kiss one of our escorts while having sex with her. It is a privilege because not all escort agencies offer this service, but we only want the best for our clients, and we are not afraid to transgress to provide the best possible services to make you happy. Our Kissing Escort Service will allow you to kiss one of our beautiful girls while having sex.

We can guarantee you that it will be an incredible emotion to kiss a girl in a romantic way while embracing you, or to exchange a passionate kiss while having sex. You can also play with your tongue and do many other things. All our babes have a personal way of kissing, and we bet you can’t wait to try them all!


Can I have sex if I only buy this service?

No, I’m sorry. This service is an addition that you can buy together with other services, such as the basic package with regular sex and blowjob with a condom, or for the A-Level Escort Service (anal sex). Thanks to this service, you can kiss the escort while having sex with her. To avoid misunderstandings, we have decided that it is not possible to select only this service within your Amsterdam escort experience, but you can only buy it together with other services, such as those we have just told you. After all, it doesn’t make sense to be able to kiss a beautiful girl and not be able to have sex with her, right?

You are right. Can I kiss girls safely?

Obviously. All our girls are regularly monitored by a doctor, and every escort knows well that she must ensure maximum hygiene for customers. Each girl will brush her teeth with the utmost care before having sex, she will also use a professional mouthwash and a tongue cleaner to ensure the best possible hygiene. We only ask you to use the same precautions and to clean yourself with a toothpaste and a professional mouthwash, and to use, if possible, also a tongue cleaner. Obviously, in this historical period, some girls may decide not to offer this service for hygienic reasons. Even though our cleaning standards are very high, we don’t want to risk the health of our customers and girls. Our priority is to offer a beautiful Amsterdam escort experience in an environment that guarantees 100% protection from viruses, bacteria, and diseases.

If a girl does not feel comfortable in offering the Kissing Escort Service at this moment, we are confident of your collaboration in not forcing her to accept. Ask us if the girl you have chosen offers this service because we can also find a replacement if necessary.

If I hire two girls, can I see a lesbian kiss?

You cannot do this if you use this service. We have designed this service only for meetings with a single escort. If you want to see a lesbian kiss and hot lesbian action, you can do it by asking the girls you will hire to have threesome sex to offer this service. In the Kissing Escort Service, you can kiss only one girl, or both if you decide to have threesomes, but it will not be possible to get lesbian kisses.


What do you recommend to do to get the most out of this service?

The main advice is to follow the hygiene instructions we have given you, so use professional toothpaste, mouthwash, and tongue cleaner if possible. Ask your dentist, which are the best brands of toothpaste and mouthwashes, to buy and use them in your oral hygiene.

We also advise you not to be too impetuous in kissing the girl and to follow her directions to always have perfect kisses.

If possible, shave your beard, some girls do not appreciate being pricked with beard hair, and moreover, optimal hygiene cannot always be guaranteed.

Are there any things I need to avoid in order not to spoil this service?

Yes, as already mentioned, try not to be too hasty and follow the instructions of the escort you have hired. Don’t be rude, and we remind you that you cannot take photos and videos during your Escort Experience and during the Kissing Escort Service.

Ah, if you can’t brush your teeth before starting the fuck, then the service cannot be performed.


How can I go about having this service?

You have to choose the girl you like best in our Amsterdam escort directory, and tell us what services you want to do with her, including the Kissing Escort Service. Tell us where and when you want to have your experience, and we will organize a booking for you!


I will do it, thank you!

Thanks to you.