Escort Interview Alexa

Amsterdam Escort

I have interviewed a lot of escorts so far, and the thing that fascinates me the most are all their stories. These reasons led them to pursue this career and the differences between each sex escort. Every Escort Amsterdam is very different from the others and sex escort Alexa also has something very interesting to say. She offers many services to her clients, including the world-famous anal escort service, the escort service that allows clients to have top-quality anal sex whenever they want.

Alexa is happy to meet me at the Hoppe bar in Amsterdam. She wears a red skirt, matching tank top, and plain black sandals. An informal look that Alexa makes absolutely unique.

I don’t want to waste any more time, this escort Amsterdam has a lot to say, and therefore our interview can begin.

“Hi Alexa, thank you for your time. It’s always nice to be together with a sexy sex escort like you.”

“Thanks for the compliments; just tell me what you want.”

“I would like to know how your Escort Amsterdam business affects your private life. I talked to other girls, and they all told me they prefer to stay single to avoid having problems. Are you single?”

“No, I have a partner. We are not engaged, but I am not single. I call it constant dating, but I can understand that not everyone shares my point of view.”

“Can you tell me something about your relationship?”

“Yes. This boy and I live together, we have sex and all the things that engaged couples do, nothing too strange. He has his job, I have mine, and he doesn’t judge me, and this is a very important thing for myself.”

“He Never commented that you are an Escort Amsterdam?”

“That was the first thing I said to him when we met, but for him, it was never a big deal. I am lucky to have met someone with this mindset, but I am aware that he is the exception to the rule. Usually, men are jealous of their women, and the idea that a person can do anal escort service with them drives them crazy. I don’t want to share my time with such a person. ”

“You care a lot about your independence, don’t you?”

“Yes, one of the reasons I started doing this job was to make money without having any bosses giving me orders. Yes, it’s true, my client tells me what to do, and I do what he wants, but I have my rules, and I never do things that go against these rules, and I don’t care how much money I can make, I never break my principles. ”

“What is your boyfriend’s opinion of your lifestyle and the anal escort service he offers to people?”

“He knows that there is no love in what I do, but it’s just sex. To be honest, I admit that I don’t like at least half of my clients but being an Escort Amsterdam also means having sex with people you don’t like and make that sex special. With my clients, it’s just business. With my partner, it’s love. He understands this difference. ”

“Is your partner jealous that you offer anal escort service to all your clients?”

“No, not at all. I am not owned by anyone, and if I want to have anal sex, I have the freedom to do it without any problem. My ass is my property, and he just needs to be grateful to have anal sex with me for free. Not at all. we have never fought about it, and I hope I don’t have to do it in the future either. ”

“You are lucky to have met such a person. Are you afraid that in the long run, tensions may arise because of your work?”

“I am not afraid of this, but I am aware that misunderstandings could arise in the long run, and I want to do what is in my power to avoid it. I have no plans to stay in business for too long, and this should help me to make the whole situation.”

“Really? So whoever wants to be with you has to hurry up?”

“When I became a sex escort, I was aware that I couldn’t do it forever, and it was ok for me. I wanted to have fun, make money, have sex, be free, and I achieved all these goals. But I don’t like doing the same thing for a lot of time. I dream of a family of my own and so sooner or later, I will stop the anal escort service and my Escort Amsterdam job. That day will not be tomorrow, but it is getting closer and closer. ”

“Do you have plans for your future?”

“I want to have less sex. Yes, it sounds absurd, but I am slightly worn out by all the sex I have. I would like to do less but make it more special. Less is more. As far as money is concerned, I will find a way to always have it.”

“I understand. Can you tell me one last thing about anal escort service?”

“I have a tip for men: forget the porn movies and follow the girl’s directions. Don’t rush, and take your time not to hurt your escort. I just tell women to relax and enjoy the moment: if you are relaxed, you will feel less pain, and everything will be much more pleasant. Always carry some lubricant with you because, during the anal escort service, a bottle of oil will be your best friend. ”

“I understand; thanks again for your time, and I hope you can have success and fun for a long time to come.”

“I hope so too. Thanks for your kind words; if you want to spend an evening with me, know that you will always be welcome.”


The interview with Escort Amsterdam Alexa is over.