About Ivy

Ivy is a luxury escort, she’s 26 years old and through her way of being made one of the best in escort life! Brunette hair and sensual lips fit perfectly with her intense blue eyes that will disarm you of any inhibition! She has a 5-year experience as an escort, her start being in our agency, and getting better and better in what she does today and is one of the top escorts!

Ivy is a refined and very selective woman both in terms of customers and places where she is left to walk and spoiled: Hotel Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam, Hotel Die Port Van Cleve. Are some of her favorite places where she lived the most intense moments and the most passionate nights!

She has been hiked in the most expensive and stylish restaurants like LA OLIVA AMSTERDAM, VISS ANN DE SCHELDE, DISTRICT V, BLAUW, and many other costly and beautiful places!

Ivy is a very energetic and very joyful woman, she sees in any challenge a lesson, she is brilliant, and she likes to learn and be taught!

Sexual life is essential for Ivy, and since escort life has lived very intense moments and experienced all the fantasies that she wanted, both she and the men she shared with the nights!

She likes to amaze her clients with surprises, hot nights, native dances, and the striptease is her strong point!

Her intelligence complements the beauty of a woman, and Ivy is a woman of striking beauty and supreme knowledge, and communicating with her will make you want her more and more, have sex, and seduce her mind!

The woman who fulfills your fantasies and makes you have others with her, to wish you more and more every moment and to cause you addiction and intense sexual life is Ivy!

It will make you live dream moments and will appear in your dreams too!


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