Escort Interview Malia

Teen Escort Amsterdam

The most exciting thing about Amsterdam escort agencies is that they can find many different types of escorts to have sex with. I have already had the opportunity to interview a milf escort, and today instead, I can interview a much younger Amsterdam escort, a teen escort named Malia, young but top-rated and who already has many bookings and a series of enthusiastic customers who want to have sex only with her. I would like to speak with Malia about a particular service, which is often underestimated, namely the Dinner Date escort service.

Our meeting takes place in the Ibis Amsterdam hotel lobby, and Malia wears a low-cut blue jacket, jeans with small diamonds, and open sandals with a low heel. A lovely look and I can see, thanks to the low-cut blue coat, that Malia has a beautiful body and a wonderful breast.

I am very interested in finding out what Malia has to tell me, and therefore I don’t want to waste time, the interview can begin!

“Hi Malia, thank you for being here with me.”

“Thanks to you, I am always happy to talk about my escort job in Amsterdam. Ask me anything you want.”

“You started working in the agency as a teen escort, and now you have good business experience. Can you tell me something about your first experiences?”

“Well, when I started, I was just a teen escort who had very little experience and knew nothing. For me, this job was a game, an experience I wanted to do to have fun and to understand if I could do this job for so long. I remember that with my first client I was really very nervous, and I wasn’t sure what to do. ”

“And what did you do?”

“I was lucky because I found a sympathetic client who helped me without rushing or putting pressure on me. If I had to deal with a different man, my Amsterdam escort career would likely have ended immediately. Over time I gained experience and awareness of knowing what I had to do to satisfy a man, and my job became much easier. I was a teen escort, and now I am an Amsterdam escort. ”

“What would have happened with a different first client?”

“The agency would probably have asked me for explanations for my attitude, and most likely, I couldn’t have worked with them anymore. I didn’t have a strategy for a plan B, and I would certainly have been in trouble with the money. Yes, I have no problem admitting that I was very lucky, it could have been much worse. ”

“The agency offers many services for clients who want to spend time with an Amsterdam escort. I am very interested in talking to you about one particular service, the Dinner Date Escort Service. What do you think of this service? Are you happy when a client buys it? ”

“The agency offers many services for clients who want to spend time with an Amsterdam escort. I am very interested in talking to you about one particular service, the Dinner Date Escort Service. What do you think of this service? Are you happy when a client do you buy it? ”

“Yes, because it’s different from the usual sex. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to have sex, but it’s also nice to talk to a person and eat something together.”

“Do you have a favorite restaurant, or do you adapt to customer requests?”

“Well, I have very particular tastes in terms of food. I don’t like many vegetables, I hate onions, and I am very selective with food. I have identified restaurants that make the type of food I like, but I don’t want to oblige the customer to go where I want. The service is designed to accompany the customer where he wants, and part of my job is to adapt in the best way to his requests. Anyway, in every restaurant, I can find something I like, so it is not a big deal.”

“Are there girls who can’t adapt?”

“If I can speak clearly, the client is relatively interested in the restaurant where we will meet. The important thing is to meet a beautiful woman and spend time with her. You can always find an agreement with the client, and even the most selective girls, like those who are vegan or intolerant to something, still manage to agree on a place. For now, I have never had any problems personally with a client, and neither my friends. ”

“I understand. How do you like to dress in this service?”

“I love wearing long low-cut dresses, and the Dinner Date Escort Service allows me to wear these beautiful clothes. I always try to be very sexy, and for this, I wear shoes with high heels and sensual lingerie. The customer can ask for a special outfit for the service, and I can satisfy you, as long as the dress is suitable for the restaurant. I cannot wear a sexy outfit or go to the restaurant without panties, I would feel uncomfortable. I can do these things in the bedroom when I can unleash my instincts escort Amsterdam but not when I’m in a restaurant. ”

“Have you ever had customers who made these requests?”

“Yes, once. He wanted a teen escort with a miniskirt and without panties and bra. It was one of my first dinner dates, and I satisfied him. It was not pleasant, I admit it because the miniskirt was short and therefore I had to be careful not to let anyone see my pussy. I spoke to the agency staff after the service, and they told me I could refuse to do it because that clothing was not suitable for a restaurant. please the customer, but nobody would have said anything to me in case of refusal. ”

“I understand, thanks for your time, you are a beautiful escort Amsterdam.”

“Thanks, I’m always at your disposal.”


The interview with this teen escort is over.