About Malia

When our agency hired Malia, she assured us that customers would surely be impressed by her beauty and ability to have sex. She is a very young escort, but she immediately showed a natural talent in managing the client, and in the excitement, in particular, she is very well known for being a big kisser.

Malia loves to kiss the customer with warm French kisses all the time, using the tongue to excite him and then kisses the rest of the body with the same passion.

The girl loves to kiss the man’s nipples quickly, then goes to kiss the chest and the abs, and then focus all her attention on the testicles and penis.

The testicles are very sensitive, and a kiss of Malia is both pleasurable and painful, while the real specialty of Malia is the kiss on the client’s fully open glans, which is the sign of the best oral sex in the world.

After having excited the customer to the right point, a second kiss on the glans, more passionately, makes it clear that the most awaited moment has come, that is, sex with Malia in all the positions that the client wants.

But the real pleasure of Malia is what happens after sex, at the end of the cumshot she smiles and kisses the customer, and then to thank the cock with a final romantic kiss, whispering words of thanks and friendship.

In a few seconds, each client is still excited to have sex again.

Choose Malia to have the best sex of your life and to understand the erotic power of a kiss.

Start the evening with Malia in the right way with a dinner at the De Blauwe Hollander restaurant, where you will only eat traditional Dutch food until late at night. Malia can talk about everything she wants and be a great dinner partner with her high education.

She will respect all your directives and will never embarrass you with the waiters.

You can visit the leading entertainment site in the Netherlands, the Leidseplein, together with Malia. She knows all the most essential people in Amsterdam’s nightlife and can get you exclusive discounts for all the most fashionable clubs.

Malia can accompany you anywhere else in the city, but she has a preference for the most famous pubs and nightlife venues.

To have the privilege of tasting the kisses on the Gland of Malia, you have to book a room in a luxury hotel in Amsterdam, like the Trianon Hotel Amsterdam, and Malia will reach you at any time by taxi.

You can kiss her for the whole night in complete privacy and have sex with her in many different positions and experience the thrill of passionate kisses full of passion of our escort on the entire body.

The only rule of Malia is that of hygiene and respect. She does not love violent sex and spanking, but she appreciates the kindness and the maximum cleanliness.

Malia’s kisses will be given to the glans only after the insertion of a new condom.


Malia’s Reviews

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The hottest

A little wild but passionate Rose is a crazy sensation and ideal sexual condiment! I met another side of the nightlife in AMSTERDAM thanks to Rose and a business meeting became a wonderful memory!
- Richard

Exotic girl

The most exotic and gorgeous escort I have ever seen and had, I cannot describe in words how wonderful it is, it touched my body like no woman ever did and it touched my mind.
- Raul

high class escort

Malia, I still smile when I remember her, I have never had an escort, she was the first and my experience with her was wonderful, I thank the agency for the recommendation and I can't wait for next time
- Yoanis