Escort Interview Ivy

Ivy GFE escort service

First of all, I must admit that I have never been a great seducer in my life. I had my girlfriends, right, but every one of them didn’t last long. I still remember the many fights for jealousy, money, or idiotic reasons like deciding what to eat or what to do on Saturday night. A friend told me it was the price to pay for having a girlfriend: a series of compromises and arguments just to not be alone and have sex. I thought it wasn’t worth it, and I’m single now. I prefer to have sex without having any kind of bond, and I am happy with my choice. Maybe that’s why I’m so interested in interviewing escorts – I love their lifestyle. But Ivy, the Amsterdam escort I’m interviewing today, is different. She specializes in a very interesting and perhaps even contradictory escort service: the gfe escort service. This escort service allows a client to spend time with an escort and have sex with her while the girl will play her girlfriend’s role throughout the time.

To be honest, I don’t really understand the meaning of this service: I want an Amsterdam escort to have sex without any kind of relationship. Why should I tell the girl to play the part of my girlfriend?

I need some answers, and Ivy is the Amsterdam escort who can give them to me. We have arranged to meet in the Ibis Amsterdam hotel lobby to talk, and Ivy is already here when I arrive. She is wearing a short skirt, black heels and a white t-shirt with fringes. A lovely look, this girl is really very beautiful.

I say goodbye to Ivy, and we sit down at our table to begin the interview.

The interview can begin.


“Hi Ivy, you are beautiful, sorry I’m late.”

“Thank you very much, don’t apologize, you’re not late. I always like to arrive early, even when I’m working.”

“Well, it’s very important to arrive on time, right?”

“This is a fundamental requirement. I hate laggards. Don’t get me wrong, something unexpected can always happen, but I hate people who don’t show respect for others and are late every time. The message is crystal clear: your time is worth nothing to me; mine is more important. My clients pay to have my time, it is my responsibility to make sure they have it all. Arriving on time is courtesy and professionalism. ”

“You’re right. I wanted to talk to you about your favorite service, the gfe escort service. Can you explain to me why a customer should choose this service?”

“Well, you have to understand that we escorts don’t just sell our bodies and our time, but I like to think that we also sell our clients’ experiences. We allow people to have experiences they otherwise could never have, like threesomes or anal sex. But some people want to have a woman by their side to do small things, not necessarily wild sex or BDSM. They want a girlfriend, but without the negative aspects of having a companion brings: jealousy, compromises, quarrels, stress, and the like. ”

“I know these things very well, I guarantee you.”

“The gfe escort service was designed to allow those who want to have a girlfriend to have one while not giving up on the experiences that only an Amsterdam escort can offer. I can be a girlfriend in love while we are having dinner, or while shopping, for example. And then I can become an escort in the bedroom and allow you to do everything you’ve always dreamed of and much more. I can be an angel and a devil, but above all, you will be able to experience the best things in a relationship. being alone, having someone with you all the time, and having a lot of sex. ”

“Without any negative aspects?”

“No, absolutely not. The client knows he must never be jealous of me because I will only be interested in him, and I am not jealous, he can watch and talk to as many women he wants.”

“That sounds like a really, really nice thing.”

“It is, that’s what I do.”

“Why did you choose this service to differentiate yourself from other escorts?”

“I know it sounds silly, but I liked the idea of making my work more romantic by creating special moments for so many people. I really enjoy reading personal growth books, and one of the things that struck me most was reading that people just want to feel important and loved. I understood that the gfe escort service could be a great idea not only for me but also for my career. I decided to specialize in this escort service, but I can do all that the customer asks. Just ask, and I’ll make it happen if the price is right. ”

“I understand. What do the clients of the gfe escort service ask you to do?”

“I have to admit that there are not many strange requests. Mostly they all want to have sex with me and have unusual experiences, but if we talk about gfe escort service, then the main request is to be heard and to have a person interested in their company. Some people are too lonely and can’t pretend to be okay for too long. I help them and listen to them, and I have a client who just wants to talk to me for a few hours, nothing more, nothing less. ”

“I have to admit that I had a wrong idea of ​​the service, you made me realize that it has potential and that it can really help people. I am happy that an Amsterdam escort like you offers it to people. How long will you want to do it?”

“I don’t know, but I know I can’t do it forever for so many reasons. One day I’ll get older, and some younger, beautiful girls will come to take my place, and I want a family. I don’t like setting a date when I’ll quit, but I will change my career a day. I love helping people, maybe I will try to study something to continue doing it. For the moment, I enjoy what I have. ”

“You’re right, thank you very much for your availability.”

“Thank you.”


The interview is over.