Escort Interview Cher

Cher Amsterdam Escort

Cher Amsterdam Escort

When I was a kid, my mom always spanked me every time I did some stupid thing, and I knew that it didn’t have to be done. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been spanked by my mom, and anyway, it’s thanks to all those spanking that I figured out what I had to do and what not. I have always associated spanking with a concept of punishment, and I was surprised when I discovered that the beautiful sex escort Cher specialized in Spanking escort service, the service that allows you to spank your sex escort within your Amsterdam Escort Service.

For me, it was strange to associate spanking with sex. So I decided to buy an Amsterdam escort service with Cher and buy the Spanking escort service.

We had excellent quality sex, and I must confess that the Spanking escort service was a pleasant revelation: I spanked Cher’s nice ass, and I loved it! I have to admit it’s a great thing to turn a person on before having sex. I would like to do this service again in an upcoming Amsterdam escort service with a sex escort like Cher.

It was necessary to try this service in person to understand its potential, and now I have a few questions for Cher while we are still naked in bed in our hotel room.

The sex escort buttocks are slightly red, and I am afraid I have exaggerated; I must apologize and start our interview.

Here is the interview.


“Cher, thank you so much for agreeing to talk to me. First, I want to tell you that the sex I had with you was fabulous.”

“Thank you very much, I’m happy to hear that.”

“I really enjoyed the Spanking escort service, and I hope I haven’t hurt you.”

“Don’t worry, I’m used to getting spanked, and you were the gentler one.”


“Yes, there are clients who hit me much harder, and I’m used to it.”

“Really? Isn’t it painful?”

“Yes, but I am a professional sex escort, and I have to bear the pain as much as possible. However, in our rules, it is clearly stated that I can stop the Spanking escort service at any time if the client hits too hard or if I start to feel bad. discomfort. ”

“I understand, and what happens if the customer doesn’t cooperate?”

“I can’t rebel at that moment, but I will report everything to the agency, which will take the necessary action towards that client. One thing is certain, he will no longer be able to use our Amsterdam escort service.”

“Have you ever been in one of these situations?”

“Fortunately not, I have always worked with polite clients who just wanted to give me a few spankings to get aroused, certainly not to punish me or hurt me on purpose. Unfortunately, some of my escort friends weren’t so lucky and had problems with clients. Most of these people spanked hard in good faith, with no real intention of hurting; it was just the escort service that was getting out of control. They cleared up their position and still use our Amsterdam escort service. But there are of the people who hurt on purpose, and they no longer work with us. ”

“Since it is really easy to get hurt in this escort service, I have a question for you: why did you choose to specialize in the Spanking escort service?”

“Well, it’s useless to hide it, I like pain, and I think it is necessary to have good sex. Besides, there is no pleasure without pain. Think, for example, anal sex. I can guarantee you that take it up to the ass le first times it’s excruciating, and it still hurts pretty often today, but it’s also a great thing to have anal sex. Fear of pain can’t stop my pursuit of pleasure.”

“Are you telling me you have a masochistic disposition?”

“No, I don’t like too much pain, but I think within a certain limit it is acceptable. That doesn’t mean you can hit me or spank me too hard. My tolerance threshold is high enough, but it doesn’t mean I don’t have it. In bed, I also want to feel pleasure, not just pain. ”

“I understand. I feel guilty for spanking you too much, but obviously, some people don’t have these problems.”

“We are not all equal.”

“What plans do you have for your career?”

“For the moment, I don’t have any long-term plans for my escort job. I just enjoy the moment and have as much fun as possible and make money. I have all the time I want to change my career on the day that working as a sex escort doesn’t it will be more fun or when I realize that my body or my performances are no longer at the highest level. I am saving and making investments for the future, and if all goes as I hope, I will not need to work anymore. I do not plan for my own I work, but yes, I plan everything for my future life. ”

“What would you tell your daughter if one day she wanted to be an escort?”

“I have to admit, I don’t like the idea of ​​my daughter doing an Amsterdam escort service with a client, but I would definitely not be in a position to criticize anyone; otherwise, I would be hypocritical. I would try to talk to her and tell him that this job is fun and a lot of sacrifices and getting used to being judged by people without them knowing anything about her. If my daughter is convinced of what she is doing, I will help her reluctantly. If I see any hesitation, I will do everything possible to prevent her from working. ”

“For what reason?”

“If you are not 100% motivated, this job destroys you. Everything sounds fun, but in reality, it is tiring and difficult. Those who are not determined are eliminated, just like in life.”

“I understand. Thanks again for the interview and for giving me quality sex.”

“Thank you for spanking me well in the spanking escort service.”


The interview is over.