About Cher


Cher is an erotic name with an equally sensual face, red lips like cherries, big angelic eyes, and long black hair are the ingredients of the perfect escort!!

Long sensual feet and a body of the goddess are what give Cher the thrill of being irresistible!

Cher is 24 years old and is one of the best escorts in our agency! She started to work with our agency two years ago and what she offers has become one of the best escorts she is demanded and desired by many customers!

Cher is a strong woman, and she loves to play with the minds of her clients by seducing her and giving them what every man dreams!

Cher attracts only refined customers who would do anything to please them and give them the same pleasure they receive from her too!

She is often spoiled and taken after the night of spoiling at her favorite restaurant for a beautiful breakfast; this is a RESTAURANT GREETJE AMSTERDAM! She always feels spoiled and cuddled in her favorite places!

Cher is the perfect escort that loves what she does; she loves to cast her body and be admired for her sexuality and gets herself involved in moments with her clients!

Nights full of passion are lived in the luxurious hotel in ERIC VOKEL AMSTERDAMS SUITES, a superb dream place!

Cher is a woman who makes you want, and you will seduce the mind, and you will fulfill your fantasies! You just have to want to live your dreams!


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