Escort Interview Behind Appearances – Talia

Escort Amsterdam Talia



I was taking dinner with a friend in HAESJE CLAES restaurant. Next to our table was a girl who was waiting for someone. You could notice her from far away because of her beauty.

I’ve started to talk to my friend about my job in the agency AMSTERDAM HOT CALL GIRLS, and at the same time, I was taking a pick to the girl next to us. Talking to my friend I forgot about that girl and started to speak a little bit louder. She could hear all that I was saying.  Suddenly she got up and went to the bathroom, and then I saw her how SEXY she was. Walking throw the tables, everyone kept sneering at her.

When she came back, she asks me if she can join our table because the one with whom she supposed to get dinner didn’t show up anymore.  She told me that she heard all that I was saying, so she becomes curious and has some questions.  I’ve invited her to take place to our table, so we’ve started, let’s say the interview. She told me her name is THALIA. She told me that she worked already in other ESCORTS AGENCY, like Escort Schiphol, or Escort Alkmaar an others, but had many bad experiences with them so she decided to come to Amsterdam because she read on the internet that AMSTERDAM is “The City of Pleasures” and she thought that she would have many opportunities. She came in AMSTERDAM 3 weeks ago, and she was staying to her friend until she could manage to find a job and then a place to live. She needs a job badly so she asked me if our agency needs more girls.

Talking to her, I’ve noticed that she is open-minded, that has a soft voice, her way of being, talking, moving brings you joy and comfort. She loves to do fitness, to walk, to dance erotic dances, to go to the cinema, to read and most importantly she loves being a good COMPANY.

I’ve invited her to our office agency AMSTERDAM HOT CALL GIRLS. She told me that she already had visited us on that’s why she approached us.

She came the next day to our office. I’ve presented her to everyone. She started to work with our agency, the next day.

She joined our team three years ago, and she is still working with us. She is one of the finest AMSTERDAM ESCORTS, and you can see it by the requests and many people came back for her.

We are glad to have her on our team.