About Talia

Talia is one of the escorts we recently selected after our online recruitment campaign. Talia has caught our attention, thanks to her online presentation and her passion for seduction.

Talia considers herself like a cat, an animal that is able to ignore the master all day and then ask for love and pampering in exchange for something.

Talia is a perfect cat who can ignore the man until she has something to gain or a job to do. Talia, in these situations, changes completely, becoming affectionate, energetic, sensual, and using her body in an incredibly sexy way, stimulating all the hidden hormones of a man.

Her look is magnetic, the body language communicates the great desire to have sex with you, her hands run on your chest to get to the dick, her mouth is open and ready to kiss, the hair is soft and fragrant, and Talia uses a pink scent extremely seductive and unforgettable.

Talia is a concentrate of purring and love, but only if and when she wants it, and if a client manages to deserve these vast privileges. In these cases, Talia will become the best sexual experience of the client’s life, believe that.

Do you want to experience the thrill of going to the restaurant with a first-class escort and immediately becoming the most envied male in the hall?

Well, with Talia you can do it because she is always happy to go with customers to the Parallel Amsterdam restaurant and eat her favorite dishes in the company of an elegant and beautiful man, to be envied by women.

Talia, in secret, always wants to be envied and become a model of behavior.

Talia wants to be seen with her best clients, so she is always available on a city tour of Amsterdam and visiting crowded places like the Albert Cuyp Market, where you can shop together and become the object of the envy of others.

Life is beautiful if you are with a woman like Talia.

Talia can accompany you everywhere with the right notice and wear every outfit, as long as the dress is suitable for the context, and wants to have information about the event where she will go with you.

Talia loves being seen and desired, but some things are best done in the privacy of the bedroom, such as the extra luxurious and spacious rooms of the Hotel A & O Amsterdam Southeast, where she will arrive on time with a taxi bringing sexual games, sexy clothes, lace lingerie and her erotic charge only for you.

He agrees with her in advance the performance in the bedroom and always uses a condom, Talia prefers stimulating or retardant products, to prolong the pleasure and the time that will spend with you.

Maximum cleanliness and personal hygiene before and after sex; Talia wants to take a shower with you before sex, do you like the idea?


Talia’s Reviews

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Siren seduction

A beauty of the amazon as a goddess of desires, Talia is the woman who leaves you breathless and makes you tremble with desire! Talia is the ideal woman for any man, she has a natural beauty and a passion that creates addiction! Her lips touched every part of my body and my body wants that feeling again and again! I thank the agency for sending me the passionate angel and so I was taken by her to a hot paradise!
- Hugh

Baby doll

A gorgeous doll Talia is the most wonderful woman and the most passionate escort I have ever met and I had the pleasure of having a passionate night!
- Dereck