My first time

My first sexual experience was with an escort who taught me everything about sexuality and pleasure to orgasm for both myself and my partner! I was 17 years old, and I was still a virgin, being a boy was not an advantage for me that! My best friends have already entered the world of sexual pleasures and normally I wanted it too!

Where I could have an unforgettable experience than in Amsterdam, the place of unlimited pleasures, I set up an unforgettable trip with my friends, and we set out to make all the follies in the famous place called RED LIGHT!

We stayed at the luxurious Radisson BLU hotel a great place!

My friends told me they were preparing a very hot surprise. They knew I was shy and out of the best escort agency Call Girls Agency

Julia was the hottest surprise my friends made for me! She is a beautiful blonde woman, like a sensual, erotic angel, she was a professional, and I did not know anything about what was coming, I had emotions!

He approached me slowly, smiled very sensuous and always gazing at me intensely!

Very expensive champagne with two glasses and some strawberries were also part of the surprise!

He put the champagne in the two glasses, approached me, and stretched out a glass, all that made me relax more. She knew very well what she was doing, poured a little champagne on me so having wet clothes helped me slowly undress, everything was part of her game!

I was naked on the edge of the bed, and she dressed in something very sexy black with very heels! It started with a very hot striptease; when I saw a naked girl I felt that what will happen next will be unforgettable! It was a perfect night with a wonderful woman being the best escort for me!

Amsterdam is for me the most wonderful place I can not wait to visit, of course having more experience this time to offer what I get pleasure without limits!

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