My first encounter with escort life

Are things in our life who change us…there are moments when we choose one way!

I will start to talk about my choices and about what brought me here in my ESCORT LIFE!

From outside this world seems to be an easy life but just when you make this you know exactly the truth…and how much you will change!

I still remember my first day when I start this job!

I was very young and without experience about what it means this job!

I remember my first client, was one elegant man and very intelligent! He felt me I am a beginner in this job and he have very much patience with me! He becomes my mentor!

My first experience happened in HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS AMSTERDAM, is a luxury place and everything around give you a good mod! After we spend the night together, was one amazing night, he was full of passion and romance at the same time!

He was surprised because I was shy and he knew I was a beginner but I want to surprise him with a striptease…I was dressed in a red erotic body and the stockings with net make everything to show very erotically and seductive at the same time!

High heels and my red lips make him so horny….after all the clothes were down, I was just with high heels and my lipstick, then it started my first night like escort girl and my first lesson from my new life!

After our unforgettable night, we woke up and he surprised me again!! We go for breakfast in one amazing place, we were in HAESJE CLASS RESTAURANT where I felt very spoiled!

From every client of mine, I learned something, but most things taught me, my first client!

He makes me understand I do not sell my body, I do not even rent it, as I always say!! He made me understand that I offer beautiful memories for people who really need it!

I really feel that now, every person needs to live beautiful moments, every minute lived becomes past so we must make a beautiful past!

With my first client I keep in touch even today, he comes to me often!

I have clients with different characters every day, this job change me so much!

Now I feel stronger, more secure on me, I know exactly what I want!

My life has changed completely, I see so many wonderful places, luxury places like RADISSON BLU HOTEL AMSTERDAM, HOLLIDAY INN EXPRESS AMSTERDAM, AVENUE HOTEL, WALDORF ASTORIA AMSTERDAM, and many other top places!

All my clients were very generous with me, they always treated me like a queen and they bring me in all wonderful places like DE LA MAR, LA OLIVA, Beddington’s, DE KAT…are just a few of the wonderful places I’ve seen!!

My life was not easy, but since I have an escort life everything is easier!

Now I travel o lot, I make money and at the same time all the time everything is like a holiday!

I have many passionate moments, I still remember everything places were I had sex, crazy places, special fantasies!

The most interesting place was when one of my clients had a fantasy to have sex into a hot air balloon….it was extreme, intense, something unique and for me was amazing!!

I remember, I was up and everything was so hot, erotic, when he touched me, I was excited and passionate, it was something new!

He fucked me as I’ve never been, everything was intense and every moment was full of passion! We are so different people with different fantasies and wishes, in my escort work, I offer moments and fantasies fulfilled but I also receive very much from my clients!

Every day is a challenge in my escort work and full of intense moments and I like to discover what brings me every new day!!!!