Escort Interview Zury

Escort Interview Zury streetwalker

Zury Escort Interview


I am sitting at the table in the Belushi’s bar in Amsterdam and waiting for the arrival of the beautiful Zury, the escort babe I have to interview this afternoon. The agency told me that this girl has a very interesting story and that in the past, she worked as a streetwalker before joining the agency’s girls’ elite. I am very interested to know more about Zury’s past, and the escort agreed to meet me to speak.

I’m early, and Zury is arriving now. She is wearing a low-cut tank top, jeans, and open sandals with a high heel. A beautiful look that attracts the attention of many people, also because the neckline allows you to see her beautiful breasts.

I thank Zury for arriving on time, and we can start with the interview. I have so many things to ask, and I am looking forward to hearing the answers.


“Hi Zury, thanks for being here with me, I’m happy to see you.”

“Thanks, don’t be afraid, ask me any questions you want.”

“The agency told me you’ve been working as a streetwalker for some time, can you tell me about this?”

“Yes. I am not proud of my past, but it is thanks to what I got this job, so I do not deny it. I worked for a few months as a streetwalker, and it was the worst time of my life, but I managed to get the most out of that situation. ”

“Why did you become a streetwalker?”

“The reason is very personal, and I don’t want to divulge too many details. I can tell you that my family had big money problems and that we had to find a solution in a short time to find a lot of money. We had no idea how to do it without doing illegal stuff, so I decided to work as a streetwalker. ”

“How did you do it? Did you go out into the street and get started?”

“It’s not that simple. Together with my brother, I went to talk to some girls, and they put me in touch with their pimp. He is the only person who can give you permission to work as a streetwalker in his area. I have heard rumors of girls who were beaten and threatened with death for working in an area without pimp permission. It seems incredible, but it is. The pimp was interested in making me work because I’m cute, and I could be a new way to make money. He wanted to know the reasons that pushed me to do this job, and he wanted to have guarantees that I wasn’t a policewoman or a journalist. Then he gave me permission to work. ”

“How did you start working?”

“The pimp showed me an area of ​​the road where I should have stood still to attract customers. It was close to industrial buildings, and every day many trucks and people saw me. I dressed seductively, and I was able to attract their attention. I was having sex even in broad daylight, and a couple of times, warehouse workers brought me into the shed to have sex. I have to say it was a strange but exciting experience. ”

“Have you ever had problems with customers?”

“Problems? I could write a book on all the problems I had. Generally, the clients were polite, especially those who worked in the companies near my spot. By now, I had become their friend, and some of them brought me water and food. Those guys liked and had sex with them sometimes, but when it was evening, the situation was different. Industrial areas in the evening are extremely dangerous because nobody goes to those areas in the evening. There are no open companies, so why should a person go That’s why drug dealing and prostitution take place there because they know there are no controls. I dealt with dangerous, rude, and stinky people. In particular, I really hated having sex with drunks. ”

“For what reason?”

“They stink, their breath tastes like beer, they can’t wait, and they are rude. A guy licked my nipples and smelled like beer all evening. Then he absolutely wanted to fingering me, and I refused. He couldn’t get an erection, and he wanted his money. The situation was starting to get unmanageable. ”

“And what happened?”

“My pimp intervened and made the drunk guy understand that he had to show respect. The pimp is always close to his girls and follows them to intervene in case of problems. Obviously, he cannot be everywhere, but in many situations like that that I just told you about, his presence was instrumental in keeping things from getting worse. ”

“I understand. Did you earn a lot?”

“I can’t say that I made a lot of money because our prices were really low, but I was successful because I was beautiful and I knew how to manage people. But I had to give the pimp almost half of my income. Anyway, I saved a lot, and I managed to help my family solve our problems. I didn’t catch any venereal disease, so I can say that I was lucky. Ah, and I’m still alive, which is not a given in this job. ”

“Did you know girls who died?”

“Not personally, but some pimp girls had bad encounters and died. Their death scared me a lot, and I decided to quit that job. I tried to become an escort agency employee, and I was fortunate to be accepted. Now I work much better, I’m sure, and I make a lot of money, but I don’t deny my past, because if I’m here now, it’s only thanks to what I’ve been. ”

“Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me.”

“Thanks to you for listening to me.”