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Sonya Escort Interview

Escort girl Sonya

Today’s meeting takes place at the “Popeye” coffee shop in Amsterdam. Sonya, the escort girl I have to interview, asked me to meet here because it is a place near her home, and today is her day off. Sonya has decided to speak to me but has told me that she doesn’t want to move too far from the house because she is tired.

I accepted, also because I know those rest days are essential for escorts and want to use them to rest, and the fact that Sonya wanted to talk to me anyway makes me very happy.

I want to ask her only a few questions to allow Sonya to enjoy her free day.

Sonya arrives on time for the meeting. She wears a white sweater, tight pants, and sports shoes. A light make-up and a white baseball cap. Even with a casual look, she is truly gorgeous.


“Hi Sonya, thanks for agreeing to talk to me on your day off.”

“You asked me so many times to be able to talk to me, and so this was really the least I could do. I didn’t want to seem rude and uninterested, but I had tons of bookings, and I really couldn’t find time for you.”

“No problem, I appreciate what you’ve done.”

“Don’t be afraid, ask me anything you want.”

“The agency told me that you had a long career in the industry and that you initially wanted to work as a window worker, is that true?”

“Yes, my first idea was to work in the Red Light District, but in the end, I didn’t.”

“For what reason?”

“Well, one of my biggest flaws is that I don’t have patience. I don’t like to wait for anything in my life. To say, I always try to shop online because I hate wasting time at the supermarket at the checkout. I hate waiting and people who have no respect for my time, arriving late for appointments. To work as a window worker, it was necessary to have a series of incredibly long and boring bureaucratic steps, and I didn’t want to do them. ”

“What kind of bureaucratic passages?”

“I had to set up my company and then register with the Amsterdam chamber of commerce, open a bank account, and other things. Initially, I wanted to do it, but when my bank refused to open a new bank account, I decided to give up. I was sick of that nonsense. ”

“Why didn’t they want to open a checking account?”

“They said they didn’t want to work with girls who were window workers. It was a problem with the bank, not mine, their policy prevented them from working with professionals in this sector. But they are only hypocrites because I bet if I told them that I worked as a “hostess,” then my money would have been ok. Friends had told me that banks didn’t want to work with window workers, but I hadn’t listened to them. Anyway, I didn’t want to look for a new bank, so I decided not to work in the Red Light District. I had wasted too much time. ”

“Did you already find your window?”

“Yes, I was talking to a landlord, but then, when I didn’t want to look for a new bank, our negotiations stopped. I was very sorry to waste time, but I was tired of all that nonsense, and I took a break.”

“What kind of break?”

“I took a vacation in Europe, visited Paris and Rome, and spent three days at the beach. I relaxed and thought that perhaps I had been too impulsive not to look for a solution to that problem. Maybe finding a solution would have been more simple to erase everything. Anyway, I couldn’t change what I had done, and I decided to find another job model in this business, and I thought about becoming an escort agency employee. ”

“Why did you decide to become a window worker?”

“I know it will seem strange to you, but I didn’t think I was so beautiful. I knew I wasn’t ugly, but not even the best of the best, a beauty queen. I thought that working in a window was the best thing I could do and that it was not possible to compete with the beauty of some professional escorts. They are real goddesses, much more beautiful than me. Anyway, working as an escort was the only option I had if I wanted to make money in the sector, so I sent my application, and the site staff replied, saying they were very interested in getting to know me. ”

“I guess it was nice for your self-esteem too.”

“Yes, a lot. They said I was beautiful and that they would be happy to work with me. They would think of all the bureaucratic things, and I just had to take hot photos with their photographer. It was exactly what I wanted to do. I am an active woman, why waste time, let’s do things! ”

“I’m glad you found what you were looking for. Do you like your job?”

“Yes, very much. I always have many things to do and little time to get bored, and I couldn’t ask for anything better. Every day is different from the previous one, I meet new people, I eat delicious food, and I have so much sex. I don’t plan the future, and for now, I enjoy my run, without wondering where this trip will take me. ”

“You’re right, never plan the future too much.”

“I had planned to become a window worker, and all my plans have evaporated. That’s why I don’t plan anything. All this could end tomorrow, and I would be happy anyway.”

“Thanks for the time you have dedicated to me, enjoy your day off.”

“Thanks to you for talking to me.”


The interview is over.