Escort Interview Sofia

Sofia escort girl

Sofia Escort Interview

Sofia escort girl

Even today, I am in the Popeye coffee shop in Amsterdam, ready to interview another beautiful escort. This coffee shop could become the ideal location for all my interviews. We can have a drink, smoke, if necessary, have the privacy to talk, and we can stay as long as necessary to complete the interview, so it’s perfect for me.

Sofia, the escort girl I have to interview, is coming to speak with me. This girl was very difficult to contact because she has a lot of bookings, and finding half an hour to talk to me seemed really impossible, but finally, I managed to have an appointment with her.

Sofia enters the coffee shop and has an excellent look. Close-fitting black trousers, high-heeled white boots, and a white tank top.

Wow, here’s a beautiful girl. I can understand why a man decides to spend money on having sex with such a woman.

Sofia smiles at me, and that smile is incredibly beautiful and fills me with inner peace.

I just fell in love with this escort, and I want to talk to her. Today I will try a different approach to the interview. I want to speak as little as possible about her job and know more about the girl behind the escort. I think it will be a fascinating interview.

Sofia sits next to me, and the interview can begin.

“Hi Sofia, thank you for being here with me. Today I would like to do a different interview than usual.”

“No problem, just ask me anything you want.”

“I guess you have very little free time because of this job, am I right?”

“Yes, I have very few days off, practically only the week of the menstrual cycle and a few days a month. Very little time, I would like to have more time to rest.”

“What are you doing on your days off?”

“I would love to rest and do what I like, but the truth is that those days pass extremely fast. I sleep late into the morning and practically spend the afternoon cleaning my house or washing clothes. In the evening, I am too tired to do anything and go to bed early. ”

“Do you have any pastimes or passions?”

“Of course, I really like video games, and I try to play a game whenever possible. I don’t have too much time to devote to video games, and therefore I prefer to play simple games, where I don’t have to think about what to do, just press the buttons. Then I really like watching movies or TV shows, but also there, I have little time to do it. I have a really long list of movies to watch, and sooner or later, I will. ”

“Why are you working so hard?”

“This is my job, and I must always be available; also, if I don’t work, I don’t earn money. I could work less and settle for less money, in the end, I’m single, and I don’t really need money, but I don’t know how much you will work in this sector in the future, and therefore it is always better to earn as much money as possible as long as I have the chance. ”

“Do you mind having to sacrifice your passions for your work?”

“Well, I would like to have more time to do what I like, I admit that. But sex is also a passion of mine, so it’s not a big problem for me. I should try to find a better balance between work and free time, and I’m working on it. Anyway if you want to do this job you have to have two things: the passion for what you do and the spirit of sacrifice, otherwise you can’t have longevity. ”

“I guess. I have noticed that many people tend to underestimate how hard this profession is. I believe that sex is never tiring, but it can become tiring if done too often, not to mention the various trips that must be made. Am I right?”

“Yes, exactly. Only those with passion can resist the pressure. I have a lot of passion, but in some moments, I feel the need to stop and rest.”

“Have you ever thought about quitting the business?”

“Yes, I have always thought that this will not be my job for a long time. I want to have the money to be able to plan my future, buy a beautiful house, a nice car, and not have financial problems for a long time. And I would like a family, and it is impossible to have it with the work I do. ”

“Aren’t you afraid to tell your partner that you worked as an escort?”

“Well, I can understand that it won’t be a good thing to be told, and I hope to find a special person who can understand my position. I don’t want my past and present at work to influence my future.”

“You’re right. How long do you still want to work as an escort?”

“I haven’t planned an exit strategy, so I still don’t know how long I will work. On the one hand, I would like to work as much as possible, and stop when I have no more bookings, or not enough to justify my commitment. But I would also like to abandon the business when I am at the top, and I will no longer be able to earn more money. Maybe it is better to quit when you are at the top, instead of falling slowly. ”

“You are right, think carefully about your actions, because they will condition your life.”

“I just know that the first thing I want to do when I stop being an escort is to go to the beach for a week, and then go on a long trip around the world. I want to relax and not work for two years, and then I will think about the next chapter.”

“I am sure it will be a great success.”

“I hope so, thank you.”


The interview is over.