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Escort Shay

Today I am not in the Popeye coffee shop for the usual interview with an Amsterdam escort girl. The girl I have to interview, Shay, asked me not to go to the coffee shop because she hates those places and preferred to meet us in Dam Square. Obviously, I have no problems meeting her there, and I organized the meeting for our interview.

Today is a beautiful sunny day, and Shay has a decidedly summery look: shorts, silver sandals, and a black tank top. Maybe it’s too bold a look for this time of year, but Shay loves to show off her body.

We begin our walk, and also the interview. I have many questions to ask and little time, I have to start as soon as possible.


“Hi Shay, thank you for accepting my interview request.”

“Thanks to you for asking me.”

“Why didn’t you want to go to the coffee shop?”

“Because I hate those places, and I never went, not even with customers.”

“For what reason?”

“I am a health-conscious, I follow a strict diet, I don’t eat junk food, I don’t drink carbonated drinks, and I don’t use drugs. Those places are the exact opposite of my life philosophy, and I don’t want to attend them.”

“If you don’t like drugs, then living in Amsterdam won’t be easy.”

“I like Amsterdam because it is a lovely city, and for the opportunities it offers. Only here I was able to become a professional escort in a totally legal way and make a lot of money. And I also appreciate the total freedom it offers people. Everyone can do what they want, and nobody judges them. This way of thinking has convinced me to stay in Amsterdam, even if I don’t like drugs. I’m not a hypocrite moralist, people can do what they want, and I don’t judge them, also because I am not absolutely perfect at first. Therefore I have no right to judge other people. ”

“What are your flaws?”

“I have so many flaws, and I’m not suited to judging people. To say, I have paid sex with people I don’t know, and this attitude of mine might be intolerable for people who have a different mentality than mine. In the end, life is all about points of view, and what shocks me can be perfectly normal for others, and vice versa. Anyway, I don’t like drugs, and I try not to go to places where they can be used. Obviously, I don’t work, not even with people who use drugs, I’m very strict about this. ”

“You’re right, and I really appreciate the fact that you don’t want to consider yourself superior to anyone just because you have a different lifestyle.”

“Thanks. The point is that we escorts work with our body, and therefore we have the utmost interest in preserving it in the best way. I bought a console to help me train in the best way with video games, and I am noticing the benefits. I don’t eat food fried, and I also almost totally eliminated bread and pasta from my diet. Now I eat mostly fruits and vegetables, I have lost weight, and my body has never been so fit. ”

“What kind of workouts do you do?”

“Mainly yoga at home, then I train with a personal trainer three times a week in individual sessions, and I jog whenever I can. To do it every day, I started waking up at six in the morning every day, so I have the time to run every morning. ”

“What time do you start working?”

“The agency tells us to always be available from 5.00 pm. But for the rest of the morning, I have to train, clean my house, prepare to meet customers, eat and shop. These are all things that need time to be done well, and so I never have too much free time. Waking up at six in the morning is not easy, I admit, but it is necessary if I want to do all the things I have to do every day. ”

“To do all this requires great willpower.”

“Exactly. There are mornings, especially when I work late into the night and do lots of anal sex sessions, where I absolutely don’t want to get out of bed and go for a run, but my willpower is strong enough to convince me to do it.”

“Not everyone would do it.”

“I know, but it is these things that make it clear who is a professional and who is not.”

“Have you already thought about what you will do when you stop being an escort?”

“Yes, I want to become a fitness instructor and motivational speaker. I am preparing to attend nutrition and fitness courses, and I am reading psychology books. When I finish working as an escort, I will have all the time necessary to achieve this goal. ”

“Do you think you still have many years of career?”

“Yes, I am young, and I still have a beautiful body. My discipline will certainly allow me to continue working for a long time, even when my friends have decided to leave the business. Sometimes I joke with them, saying that I will be the last survivor of our generation, but there is also a fund of truth in my words. I am convinced that he will abandon the business after all the others. You just have to see if I will be right or not. ”

“Don’t the other girls have your passion?”

“I don’t mean that, but I am convinced that I have more of them. The facts will prove whether I am right or not.”

“In that case, I will interview you again several times,” I say, laughing.

“You are welcome.”


We continue to walk for a few more minutes, even if the interview is over. I wish Shay so much luck for her job, and we hug each other.

I am happy to have talked to her.