Escort Interview Raysa

Escort Interview Raysa

Escort Interview Raysa

Today’s location is the “420” coffee shop in Amsterdam, where I wait to be able to talk to the beautiful Raysa, the Amsterdam escort girl that I have to interview today.

The agency suggested that I contact this girl in order to do the interview today, saying that she is a girl who loves being interviewed and who could have a pleasant conversation.

Raysa arrives slightly late for our appointment. She wears a white sweatshirt, a skirt, and black ankle boots, and this look shows off her legs.

Raysa smiles and sits next to me and orders a coke and a slice of cake. I order a coffee.

The interview can begin.


“Hi Raysa, thanks for being here.”

“Thanks to you for asking me to talk to you, and sorry for the delay, the streets are busy at this hour.”

“No problem, the important thing is that you have arrived. I would like to know more about the precautions you take before meeting customers on the services you offer.”

“Well, the agency helps us by clearly explaining the dangers of work and what to do to minimize them. Unfortunately, in this job, it is not possible to work in environments with a risk reduced to zero, and there is always a percentage of risk. What we can do is to reduce the risk to the minimum possible and use our instincts to understand if the situation is going out of control. ”

“What did the agency tell you?”

“The first thing we have to do is not to use our names and never to allow customers to discover them, or even find out where we live. And then to always be cautious in our work.”

“What do you do to be cautious in your work?”

“A trick that a girl taught me is to arrive at the meeting place ten minutes before to be able to check the situation and see if everything is normal. I don’t want to seem untrustworthy, but in my job, you meet a lot of strange people, and it’s better to be more cautious than imprudent. ”

“Have you ever seen potentially dangerous scenes?”

“Not personally. Just once, while I had to go on a city tour with a client in Dam Square, and I had gone to the site first to check the situation, I saw my client from afar with a couple of other people. The faces of these guys weren’t recommendable at all, and I had a strange feeling. Also, the meeting was in the evening, and I didn’t like the idea of ​​being alone in the dark with that client. I listened to my instincts and called the client saying of being sick. He got angry, but the agency told me that I did the right thing to follow my instincts and that it is better to have a discontented client than a girl in danger. Maybe I was too cautious, but I preferred to avoid taking unnecessary risks. ”

“Are there no other methods to be protected in these situations? Instinct is not always enough to protect you. During my life, I found myself in potentially dangerous situations, even when my instinct told me that it was all quiet. In fact, I can say that the situations where everything seems calm are the most dangerous. ”

“Yes, you are right. For this reason, several agencies tell us that, if we want, we can be escorted by a bodyguard. This bodyguard can follow us remotely in different situations, such as during the City Tour, and intervene if the situation it becomes unmanageable. The bodyguard can also be near the restaurant where the Dinner Date Escort Service takes place or be near the hotel where he will have sex with the client. I must say that I am much more relaxed if I have a bodyguard ready to intervene in case of problems. ”

“Is the presence of this bodyguard optional?”

“Yes, and we girls have to pay for it. For this reason, not all girls are happy to have the bodyguard because it represents an additional expense, and therefore a loss of income. I have used it a few times, and it has given me a great sense of security, but it’s not absolutely cheap, so I always think twice before hiring a bodyguard. The bodyguard we use is professional and discreet, and he knows how not to be noticed by the client. ”

“I have not understood how the bodyguard intervenes if you are in a hotel, and the situation is starting to become dangerous.”

“In this case, it is not easy, because obviously, the bodyguard cannot directly control the situation, but I must be the one to warn him.”

“And how do you do?”

“I absolutely must be able to take my purse, or even just the cell phone it contains, and try to shut myself in the bathroom, or to leave the room, even if I can be naked. The important thing is to put enough space between the client and me, enough to call the bodyguard and indicate the room number. Fortunately, I never found myself having to ask for his intervention, but some girls did, and the bodyguard intervention managed to make a difference and overturn the situation, solving the problem. ”

“Incredibly, it’s always better to work with extra security.”

“Exactly. It is not always possible to understand what type of customer you are dealing with, and it is better to protect yourself as much as possible. Better to be more prudent than to be in unpleasant situations.”

“In summary, what would you recommend to a young escort?”

“Maximum caution, and if you don’t like a situation, refuse from the beginning. Your safety is more important than money.”

“Thanks a lot, Raysa.”

“Thanks to you for the interview.”


The interview is over.