Escort Interview Raily

Escort Interview Raily


Today I am in Dam Square to interview today’s Escort Babe, a beautiful girl named Raily. We decided to meet in Dam square to be able to talk and walk, without too many people hearing what we are saying.

The agency told me that Raily is a very private escort babe and that she is very careful in protecting her privacy. I want to talk about these things with Raily and I can’t wait to start the interview.

Raily arrives on time and wears a beautiful green skirt, beige heels and a denim jacket. She has a casual look very suitable for the location and some men observe her legs with a lot of desire.

We say goodbye and start walking. The questions are many, so we can start with the interview.

“Hi Raily, thank you for being here with me.”

“Thanks to you, I hope to be able to give you interesting answers.”

“The agency told me that you are a girl who protects her privacy at work a lot. I have already talked to other girls who told me how they protect themselves, and today I would like to talk to you about the use of the phone. I guess you escort you work a lot with your smartphone, don’t you? ”

“Yes, it’s very true.”

“How can you protect your privacy and not have problems if you use your phone so much?”

“Well, it’s actually not that difficult. The first thing to do may seem obvious, but it’s not at all. Never use your cell phone number for work. Never. Customers call at any time and they can be really annoying , not to mention that it is always better to keep family and business separate. You must absolutely create a new phone number and keep your smartphone on only for the time strictly necessary to work, otherwise you will be inundated with phone calls and WhatsApp messages. ”

“Did any of the girls use their personal numbers?”

“Yes, I’m sorry to say, but they were really stupid. They underestimated this problem and had to change their personal phone number. Me and other girls had warned them, but there is no worse deaf person than those who don’t want to hear. anyway, I always advise new girls to use a phone number only for work, and only one for private life. ”

“Do you answer all calls when you work?”

“Once I did this, then I changed the system, and now I only answer phone calls where there is a visible number.”

“For what reason?”

“Because I learned that people who hide their number have something to hide or don’t really want to book a service. Basically, these are people who have a lot of time to waste and have fun making us lose us too People who have something to hide can have wives or girlfriends, and I can understand their desire for secrecy, but they must trust us as escorts, just as we trust them by going to their hotel room, and then calling with the. visible number is an act of respect for us. If you don’t trust us, then there is no basis for working together, sorry, but it’s a matter of principle. ”

“You are right.”

“Instead, who calls by hiding the number just to make me waste time is an asshole, and he doesn’t even deserve my anger. These people call and then ask a lot of questions, ask how I am dressed and what I can wear while having sex. Or they want to do phone sex while masturbating. I’m sorry, because these guys can be funny in some moments, but I’m working, I don’t have time to lose and I’m not an erotic line. I don’t have time to waste, so I decided to block all calls with numbers not visible. When I work I already have too many calls to handle, and therefore I don’t want to waste time with idiots. ”

“I guess there’s a lot of sensitive data inside your phone.”

“Yes. There is no personal data, but different job information, and I have also saved the number of my best clients, all people who appreciate the confidentiality of our agency. It is information that only I can see and manage.”

“Was this information ever in danger?”

“Yes, once, after having sex, a customer had picked up the phone to store his number or to cancel it, now I don’t remember well. I had done a great imprudence leaving the phone on the bedside table, where he could see it. The client picked up the phone and was starting to use it, and I got mad and tore the phone out of his hand. The scene was very comic: I was naked, I was wearing only the high heels, covered in cum on the tits, with that phone in my hand, and I was telling the customer that he had no right to touch my phone, and that it was supposed to be the first and last time it happened. I know I am not a very threatening girl, but something in the my tone of voice and my attitude scared the client. He apologized several times for what he had done and I forgave him. From that moment on I decided to protect my cell phone even more. ”

“And what did you decide to do?”

“I always keep my cell phone in my bag, and I don’t take it out for any reason in the world. And then I set the unlock only with a fingerprint. I am a person who takes care of your things a lot, and I really can’t stand the idea that someone touches my things without my consent. This really makes me very angry. ”

“I understand, and you’re right, touching other people’s things without permission is very rude.”

“Yes a lot.”

“Thanks a lot for your interview, Raily.”


The interview is over.