Escort Interview Paris

Paris sex escort Amsterdam

One thing that has always fascinated me about escorts is their being beautiful women, but also able to go wild in bed and have incredible sex. Their external appearance is that of an angel, the inside look is that of a devil. A fascinating contrast that manages to excite many men. Today I have to interview one of the best escorts of the agency, capable of making excellent fantasy sex and with many bookings every week. This sex escort is called Paris and is a top-rated wild sex escort.

I am really curious to hear what Paris has to tell me, and I hope to know some exciting fantasy sex stories.

I’m in the lobby of the Sheraton Amsterdam hotel, and Paris arrives on time.

She wears a white shirt, black pants, and beige heels, without socks or socks. The shirt and pants are tight and highlight her breasts and ass, and some men observe this sex escort with desire.

Do you want to have sex with her? No problem, you just have to pay.

I greet Paris and take a seat at a table in the hotel bar. I am ready to speak with you, and the interview can begin.

“Hi Paris, thank you for being here with me. I was looking forward to interviewing you since I heard that you are a truly wild sex escort. I would like to know some interesting stories from you.”

“Wow, what a beautiful definition, wild sex escort! I like it,” says Paris, laughing. “Well, in my sex escort career, I have met many strange and funny people. Yes, I can say that I have never been bored.”

“How long have you been doing this job?”

“For three years and I love it. I wouldn’t change it in the world at all. This is the only business that manages to combine all my passions: money, luxury, and sex. I can’t imagine doing any other job.”

“I am happy for you.”

“Thanks. You said you want to know some interesting stories. Well, I will always remember a guy who bought a threesome 2 girls escort service with a friend of mine and me. We were having sex, and he forgot his cell phone on. To a certain period, while I was taking it in the ass while licking my friend’s pussy, the cell phone started ringing. She was the guy’s wife. ”

“And what happened?”

“The client replied with the speakerphone while continuing to fuck my ass, and I licked my friend’s pussy. The wife wanted to talk to him, and they spoke in a romantic way while we were having sex. My friend and I were tempted to make noise, but we remained silent. After a few minutes, the wife said she loved him and ended the call. We finished having sex, and then the client was happy because his wife loved him. I have to admit it was fun. ”

“Well, even if you’re a sex escort, I have to admit that things like that aren’t seen every day.”

“I also had a client who was really fixated with his feet, and he always wanted to cum on my shoes. Because of him, I had to throw a beautiful pair of Jimmy Choo shoes in the trash, since the sperm had stained them. My client got me bought three pairs of shoes to apologize. ”

“Well, in this case, you had a profit.”

“Yeah. When I saw the gift, I told him that if every time he ruined a pair of shoes, I received three, then he could cum on my shoes whenever he wanted.

“Did you also deal with strange and disturbing customers?”

“Not always. The agency does an excellent job of filtering these people and preventing them from having sex with their escort babes, but they don’t always manage to do it. There are people who are often wolves in sheep’s clothing, and who can trick them. For now, I have always been lucky not to find dangerous people, but I have had a rather disturbing experience.

“Do you want to tell it?”

“Well, obviously my name is not Paris, that is a stage name, which I chose to protect my privacy. I had sex with this client, and he cum on my face. I went to the bathroom to wash my face and to clean myself, and when I returned to the bedroom, I had the feeling that my purse had been slightly moved from where it was. I wasn’t sure, though, but I didn’t like the situation. I hate the idea that someone you touch my things, but I didn’t have any sensitive material in my purse: I didn’t have documents or my private cell phone, just what I use for work. ”

“The customer was probably looking for information about you.”

“Yes, but he hadn’t found anything. But I noticed that a few days later, he asked me for friendship on my personal Facebook profile. I refused it, and he continued to ask me again three times until I blocked him. He contacted the agency saying he still wanted to have sex with me, but I had already informed them of his behavior, and they said he would never have sex with me again.

Even today, I don’t understand how he found my private profile on Facebook. Maybe I hadn’t been so good at hiding all my personal data; however that attitude worried me a lot. ”

“I guess it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Finally, do you have any advice for those who want to get into the business?”

“Protect your personal data, and take everything as a game. Have fun, and you will have a long career in this business.”

“Thanks for the advices.”


The interview with the beautiful Paris is over.