Escort Interview Pamela

During my interviews with many escort babes, I realized that most of the clients love anal sex and that this service is always the most requested when hiring a sex escort.

The agency proposed that I interview a beautiful escort named Pamela, and I accepted when the agency told me that she specializes in anal sex. There was no more doubt, Pamela was the sex escort I was waiting for, and therefore I was happy to interview her.

The meeting takes place in the lobby of the Hotel Ibis Amsterdam. Pamela has a decidedly informal look: her hair is gathered in a ponytail, she wears black sweatpants, a black T-shirt, sports shoes, and a black leather jacket. Today is her day off, and Pamela has decided not to be beautiful, but I can clearly see that her ass is perfect.

I greet Pamela, and we sit at a table in the hotel bar to drink something and do this interview.

Well, I don’t have to waste time, there are many things I want to talk about with this sex escort, so let’s not waste time!

“Hi Pamela, thank you for being here with me. I really appreciate your availability.”

“Thanks to you, I hope to give interesting answers.”

“The agency told me that you are a sex escort who specializes in anal sex, is that true?”

“Yes, it is something that my clients ask me very often, and I am happy to fulfill their wishes. After all, it is my job.”

“Can you tell me some experience with anal sex? What do you think makes it special?”

“I can tell you that it is a very complete and more intense sexual experience than vaginal sex, both for women and men. It is also very transgressive, and not all girls agree to do it. For this reason, customers contact us escorts to have anal sex because we can give them something they want and can’t have. ”

“I understand. Do you have any experience to tell me?”

“I cannot reveal the details of the experiences I have had with clients for privacy reasons. It would not be professional, but I can tell you about my first experience, even before working as a sex escort. It was not pleasant, and it almost prevented me from specializing in anal sex. ”

“Okay, tell me.”

“I was a teenager, and I was much more naive than now. I was in a disco alone one evening, and I was slightly drunk. I had met a boy that evening, and we met the next day again. He was very cute and charming, and I wanted to have sex with him. I already had sex, but my ass was a virgin. We went to his house because his parents weren’t there, and we decided to have sex. He insisted a lot on having anal sex, and I finally agreed to do it. ”

“For what reason?”

“He insisted a lot and told me he really wanted to do it. I was curious to try the experience, and I didn’t want to disappoint him by saying no.”

“And what happened?”

“I told him we could have sex, but he had to wear a condom. He didn’t want to, because the condom prevented him from feeling all the sensations of sex, but I was adamant. He was older than me, and I couldn’t know with who he had sex with. Certainly with several girls because he said he had some experience in sex. So I gave him an ultimatum: condom or no sex, and he would never see me again. ”

“You did well, you always need protection.”

“I never have sex without a condom, both in my private life and in my work, it’s a matter of respect towards other people.”

“And what happened with that boy?”

“He understood that I wasn’t kidding, and he found a condom, and he put it on. Then I turned around doggy style, and he put my cock in the ass, all at once.”

“What? But it’s not the right way to have anal sex.”

“Yes, now I know, but, as I said, I was very naive. Now I know that my asshole must be prepared, lubricated, and enlarged before having sex and that the cock must enter the ass slowly in order not to hurt. But I was naive, and he probably didn’t care about my health. He just wanted to bugger me. ”

“It was painful?”

“Painful? The word painful cannot really express what I felt. I had the sensation that something entered inside me and a great burning sensation. I screamed, and I was about to cry, but fortunately, my first anal sex was not long. The boy ejaculated after a few minutes. That experience was a shock to me, and for some time I thought that I would never, ever have anal sex, not even for any amount. ”

“And why did you change your mind?”

“When I became a sex escort, I had a lot of requests for anal sex, and I thought maybe that guy had done it the wrong way. I talked to some girls, and I saw online courses that explained how to have anal sex. I had still afraid of feeling pain, I can’t deny it, but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to have anal sex and make money, so I decided to try again, but on my terms. ”

“What conditions?”

“I had to take my time, get ready, and the client had to use condoms and lubricants. Gradual insertion of the cock in the ass, and I had to be the one to tell when to push and when to slow down. The client accepted my conditions, and I had amazing anal sex. My fears are gone, and I started to love anal sex. Now I always do it. ”

“I’m glad you defeated your fears. This made you a better sex escort. Thanks for sharing this story with me.”

“Thanks to you for listening to it.”


The interview is over.