Escort Interview Nicolette

Nicolette escort Amsterdam

Usually, clients of escort babes are interested in sexual services. They pay these beautiful girls to have sex with them, and I can say with total honesty that I would do the same too. You absolutely cannot resist the charm of a sex escort, and therefore paying for sex is the most normal thing to do.

But there are also other services that can be purchased together with a sex escort, and today I would like to talk about the dinner date with Nicolette, the sex escort I have to interview today.

The meeting takes place at the Hotel Casa Amsterdam, and Nicolette has promised me that she will dedicate at least one hour of her time to me.

Nicolette looks punctual, and she wears black high heels, a knee-length skirt, and a red T-shirt. She has a lovely body, and several people are watching her.

Nicolette also walks sensually on her heels, and I really can’t resist the temptation to imagine her naked as she walks that way towards me.

But now I have to be professional, I have to talk about the dinner date with this beautiful sex escort, and I have little time to do it.

The interview can begin.

“Hi Nicolette, thank you for being here with me.”

“Thanks for inviting me, I have little time, but I hope I can help you.”

“I wanted to talk about the various services you offer to your customers. I guess the sex services are the best sellers, right?”

“Yes, exactly. My job as a sex escort is based on sex. Therefore I absolutely have to offer top quality sexual service. It is the basis of my job as a sex escort.”

“I understand, but you can also offer other services, right? I would like more information on the dinner date.”

“I really like the dinner date, because it is an alternative way to spend time with a client without having to have sex. In this way, I can get to know him, and I am always convinced that it is the best way to understand if I can have a special feeling with that customer. ”

“On dinner dates, a customer can buy the opportunity to go out to dinner with an escort, right?”


“Can the customer choose the restaurant?”

“Yes, obviously. I guess you have a favorite restaurant too, don’t you? Every girl has a restaurant where she loves to go to dinner, but we can adapt to the client’s needs, always within certain limits. Some of my friends are vegan, and not they can just go to a restaurant where they cook steaks. Or, if I’m on a diet, I can’t go to restaurants where unhealthy food is cooked. In general, it’s easy to find a compromise and find a perfect restaurant for the service. ”

“Have there ever been any embarrassing or strange requests?”

“A great many, by now, I have also lost count of how many absurd requests I have received in my career as a sex escort.”

“Can you tell me a few?”

“Usually the rules of the dinner dates are very clear: restaurants must be of a high standard, it is a question of quality of service, and we cannot accept invitations in mediocre quality restaurants. After all, if you debase the value of your service, you will not be able to raise the price again. There are customers who, however, do not read the rules at all and try to invite us the same in the most absurd places. A customer asked if he could book a dinner date to have dinner together in a McDonald’s. Initially, I thought it was a joke organized by the staff or some of my friends, but the client kept insisting. I finally told him that the rules did not allow it and that I am a first-class sex escort, and that I will never eat at McDonald’s with a client. , not even for any amount. ”

“And the customer got angry?”

“Most of all, he was disappointed. He probably didn’t have too much money and tried to ask anyway. Maybe I shouldn’t have used those words, but I was angry. But having a dinner date in a fast food restaurant is really absurd.”

“Well, you often find bizarre customers. Did you also have hot requests for the dinner date?”

“Yes, obviously. One request I often receive is to wear very sexy and low-cut clothes without underwear. The idea of ​​having a dinner date without underwear is interesting, and I must confess that it is exciting, but only when it is summer.”

“For what reason?”

“Well, in winter, my pussy is cold. The underpants keep the pussy warm, and I use it for work.”

“Do you want an extra for this service?”

“Yes. The best way to make more money on the dinner date is to do extra services to earn extra money.”

“What kind of extra service do you offer?”

“Usually a special dress, or perform the service without lingerie. Or I can provoke the customer at the table with my tongue or stimulating him with my foot. The options are many, the customer just has to tell me what you want, and I will do it without problems because I’m a sex escort and that’s what I do. ”

“I understand. So you always prefer to start meeting a customer with a dinner date?”

“Exactly. For me, it is a much more intimate way of getting to know each other than usual sex. Even if I am a sex escort, I also appreciate being treated with respect and being able to talk to people. A dinner date is the best way to get to know each other, and I have many beautiful memories of excellent dinner dates. ”

“I understand. Well, I hope you can have many more!”

“I hope so, thank you very much.”


Nicolette now has to go to a client, so the interview is over.