Escort Interview Mae

Mae teen escort

The first time I visited Amsterdam, I was a boy, and I immediately fell in love with this beautiful city. I loved every place, the possibility of doing things that otherwise I could not have done, the freedom to have sex, and the absence of prejudices. And of course all the monuments and tourist attractions. I have visited Amsterdam many times, both on vacation and on business, and when I started interviewing the agency girls, I was happy because I could come to Amsterdam again. Today I have to interview an Amsterdam escort named Mae, who began working as a teen escort and who is now one of the agency’s main escorts. I would like to speak with you about Amsterdam and the City Tour Escort Service, which allows the client to visit a place in the city together with a beautiful escort.

I managed to organize a meeting with the escort Amsterdam Mae in Dam Square, one of the places I love most about the city, and I have many questions in mind.

The teen escort Mae arrives wearing jeans, sports shoes, and a black tank top, with sunglasses and a baseball cap on her head. Today Mae does not work and does not wear seductive clothes, but even with this look, she is terrific.

We say goodbye and start walking in the middle of Dam Square. This is a perfect location for her City Tour Escort Service, and I don’t want to waste any more time, the interview with this teen escort can begin.

“Hi Mae, thanks for agreeing to talk to me.”

“Thanks to you for inviting me, I love talking about my work as an Escort Amsterdam.”

“Were you born in Amsterdam?”

“No, I’m from Germany, from Berlin to be precise.”

“And why did you choose to work in Amsterdam as a teen escort?”

“My cousin lives in Amsterdam, and since I was a child, I spent the summer here or at least a time of the year. I grew up observing this city, and I had all my first sexual experiences here, my first time in the disco, and my first time at a coffee shop. I decided to come here because it is a beautiful city, much more full of life than Berlin and with more opportunities for my business. I always liked the idea of ​​making money with sex, and here I could try to do it. ”

“Do you think you live in Amsterdam forever?”

“You are never sure of anything in life, but I would love it. In the worst case, I would like to return here after retirement and spend the last years of my life in a city that I love.”

“I wasn’t born in Amsterdam either, but this city won me over.”

“Amsterdam is beautiful and represents the best for all the guys who want to transgress. In my German friends group, we all wanted to go to Amsterdam, but I was the only one who managed to do it and who also managed to live there.”

“Have you lost contact with these friends?”

“Yes. Life has already separated us for several reasons, and then my departure to Amsterdam separated me from all my friends. Now my life is here, and I only have my family in Berlin. I’m not angry or disappointed, it is simply the cycle of life. ”

“You’re right. Did you think about this when you decided to move here?”

“Yes, I tried to analyze the pros and cons of my choice, and in the end, I decided to follow my dream. In any case, I could have gone home at any time if I had wanted to.”

“Since you love Amsterdam, you are the perfect teen escort for some questions about the City Tour Escort Service. Do you like this service?”

“If I like it? I love it!”

“Can you tell me what you like about the City Tour Escort Service?”

“I love being able to visit every place in Amsterdam with my clients. Every site in this city has special memories for me, and I like to spend time with all my clients. The idea of ​​making money visiting Amsterdam would have seemed surreal to me a few years ago, but now it’s all real thanks to the City Tour Escort Service and my escort job in Amsterdam. ”

“What place do you like to visit most?”

“I don’t have a real favorite place, I love all of Amsterdam. If I really have to tell you a place, being passionate about painting, I really like the Van Gogh Museum.”

“Do you recommend the City Tour Escort Service to all your customers?”

“I would like to offer customers a service other than just sex in a hotel with an Amsterdam escort. We girls can give life to a very different Amsterdam Escort Experience, not only based on sex but on the sensations that can be experienced at all times. City Tour Escort Service allows all customers to spend more time with a teen escort, to get to know her, and to bring the relationship to a more personal plan, making sex even more beautiful. Personally, I recommend it to all my customers, and I am always happy when I can do it. ”

“In your opinion, what is the ideal use of the City Tour Escort Service?”

“I like it a lot when I accompany my client to a place in Amsterdam, we spend time together, and then we go to the hotel to have sex. This is a complete and very involving experience for me, too. It is one of those things that make it beautiful to be an Amsterdam escort. ”

“I agree, you’re right. Thanks for your time, and I hope you can still have a lot of success.”

“Thank you.”


The interview with the teen escort Mae is over.