Escort Interview Lizy

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Each Amsterdam Experience escort is designed to give maximum involvement to each client and to allow each man to enjoy a wonderful evening with the girl escort he has engaged to have sex or to spend time together. The various Escort Services that can be purchased to personalize your experience allow you to take it to the next level and to create sexual fantasies and situations that can excite every man. Among these services, the kissing escort service is the most intimate and personal one. Today I want to talk about this service with a beautiful escort named Lizy.

Lizy is a girl escort who is very popular in the agency and in great demand by all customers. She is the perfect Amsterdam escort to talk about the kissing escort service.

I organized a meeting with Lizy in the lobby of the Sheraton Amsterdam hotel to be able to talk between us. Lizy today wears a black sundress, flat sandals, and her hair is gathered in a braid, and she has a beautiful smile.

Lizy is really a very beautiful girl escort, and I have many things to talk about with her.

The interview can begin.

“Hi Lizy, thank you for dedicating part of your time to me.”

“Thanks to you for contacting me, I’m glad you want to talk to me. Ask me anything you want.”

“Why do you think clients pay a woman for sex?”

“Well, there are many reasons, such as being single and not being able to easily find a woman to have sex with. But I think most clients decide to pay an escort girl because it is the best way to get a first-rate service and live new experiences for them too. The escorts generate emotions, and the feelings create pleasant experiences and are the ones that remain etched in mind. I had sex with many men, and if I have to be honest, I only remember very few fucks. They are not the ones who gave me pleasure, but those who generated me so many emotions. After all, we live for emotions, which is why we watch movies, read books, or listen to music. ”

“So you don’t sell sex, but you sell emotions.”

“Yes, it is a definition that I like very much. All my services are oriented towards this aim: to give emotions to people. After all, a customer who experiences emotions is involved in what you do, and this is always an excellent result.”

“Even if the emotions are negative?”

“If you work as a girl escort, you cannot generate negative emotions, especially if you want to work with professional agencies. Trust me, if you generate negative emotions, it means that you cannot do your job, and you don’t deserve to reach this level.”

“I understand.”

“I don’t want to look superb, but agencies are very selective, and only the best girls can manage Escort Services in the best way. Each Escort Service is fundamental; it is the heart of our business and deserves to be managed in the best way.”

“I think I understand that the kissing escort service is the most intimate service you can offer, is it true?”

“Yes, it is very true. The kiss is capable of taking a relationship to the next level and transforming banal sex into a much more complete and profound experience. The kissing escort service is a controversial service that not all girls agree to perform. That allows you to understand the difference between a professional and who plays to be an escort girl. ”

“Can you explain what you mean?”

“There are girls who don’t like the kissing escort service and don’t like kissing clients. I can understand, they think about their health, but this is not the attitude that a girl escort must have. If you decide to work as an escort in Amsterdam, you have to put customer satisfaction, and the creation of emotions come first, and health only afterward. I don’t mean that you have to take unnecessary risks, but you don’t even have to refuse to offer a service to a customer. After all, he pays for something, and hygienic precautions that we put in place are more than enough to guarantee our safety. ”

“What are these precautions?”

“Every Amsterdam escort who works for an agency is regularly subjected to medical tests and knows that she must take care of her health as much as possible. We only have sex with condoms, do not swallow sperm, and try to keep our personal hygiene high. Before performing a kissing escort service, we brush our teeth and tongue with the utmost care, with professional toothpaste, a tongue cleaner, and a mouthwash. The customer who buys the kissing escort service must do the same before starting the service. It can be annoying, but the rule is this, take it or leave it. ”

“And some girls don’t want to do this?”

“No, they don’t trust and are afraid of their health anyway. I can understand them, but they don’t deserve to be professional escort girls, and they should leave their place to other girls.”

“You have no problem doing this service?”

“No, absolutely, I love it, and I’m always excited when a customer asks me.”

“What kind of kisses do you offer in the kissing escort service?”

“Every kind of kiss, even if personally I really appreciate romantic and passionate ones!”

“You seem to like this service very much.”

“Yes, it’s my favorite, and my customers understand it right away!”

“I understand. I can say that I’m absolutely sure your kisses are sensational!”


“What are your goals for the future?”

“To continue being an Amsterdam escort, to be the best and to enjoy myself for a long time yet.”

“Well, I wish you success.”

“Thanks, you too!”


The interview with the girl escort Lizy is over.