Escort Interview Leyla

Escort Amsterdam Leyla

I chose to interview the Sex Escort Leyla because she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in this city. I am more than sure that she has a great story to tell. All Amsterdam escorts have a backstory, anecdotes to tell, and in the case of Leyla, I want to know everything about her experience with the escort service called erotic massage escort service.

We stare at the Belushi bar in Amsterdam for a few seconds before we start talking.

I am more than sure that this interview will be controversial and very interesting, and I can’t wait to start.

I tell Leyla to start talking, and the sex escort starts telling her story.

The interview can begin.


“CIao Leyla, thank you for being here with me. I have many things to ask you. You can start by talking about yourself.”

“I am Leyla, and I am a professional escort. I love sex, enjoy and live life according to my rules. I am not ashamed of what I do, and I always dream of overcoming other limits.”

“The Amsterdam escort agency you work for has tons of escort services that clients can buy to personalize their Amsterdam Escort Experience, and they told me you specialize in the Erotic Massage Escort Service. Can you tell me about this service?”

“I love erotic massages, it’s something I would do for free, but if they pay me, well, it’s even better! My massages are really erotic and are able to excite any man in the world and are perfect for different purposes. ”

“What purposes are suitable for the erotic massage escort service?”

“For example, you can use an excellent erotic massage escort service to relax after a decidedly very stressful period or to release stress from the body and mind. It can even excite you before having sex or even just channel the body’s energy in the genital organs and put it back into circulation. In short, the purposes are many, and I am the best sex escort you can hire for a beautiful erotic massage escort service. ”

“Very interesting. Do you have any tools you use during the erotic massage escort service?”

“Mainly, I use my hands or even my feet and my body, it depends on what type of massage service has been chosen by the client. I use many perfumed massage oils, which I like to spread on the client’s body while I do the massages. You can also create a sort of suggestive scenography with candles or music, but I don’t like it very much; it’s a nuisance to light all those candles, and the client doesn’t care much. Usually, men just want to see the body of us escorts Amsterdam, and they don’t care about candles or lighting. ”

“Well, I can imagine it, today you’re wearing a top and a miniskirt that leave little room for the imagination.”

“I work with my body, a fundamental part of my business is to show it to people and give birth to men’s desire. If they don’t admire my body, how can they pay to have sex with me?”

“I have to admit you’re really right.”

“I know well that men want to see my body, and, although it is not always necessary, I decide to do all the massages completely naked.”

“In what sense is it not always necessary?”

“I have to admit that the agency has not always publicized the services we offer to customers well. The erotic massage escort service is a generic name that refers to erotic massage, but in reality, I offer many types of erotic massage to my clients, and not all massages require the masseuse to be completely naked. Anyway, I know what my clients want and giving them what they want is part of my job, and I have no problem getting naked in front of them. ”

“You are right; in this way, you will have many requests.”

“Yes, I often struggle to manage all my bookings, but this is the price to pay to be one of the agency’s best Amsterdam escorts. And then I am not complaining, there is much worse in life, like living a life where I don’t get paid for sex. ”

“Couldn’t you do any other job?”

“Well, do you know when you fall madly in love with a person who has no flaws and then the relationship ends? You have the feeling that you can no longer have a relationship with another person because you have already seen the best that the world has to offer For me my job has this feeling: I am lucky enough to be a sex escort, and this is my ideal job, and I would never be able to do something as ordinary as the secretary or work in a restaurant. I prefer to continue this job as much as possible. and make as much money as possible in no time, and then I’ll think about what to do. ”

“Aren’t you afraid of not being able to bear this big workload?”

“I don’t want to lie, there are times when I am exhausted, and I don’t want to work, but then my passion overcomes tiredness, and I carry out all the required services. I can also say that I prefer to burn rather than to go out slowly, it is my philosophy of life.”

“You should know when to stop, it’s not wise to work too hard when you’re tired. Aren’t you afraid of doing a bad performance?”

“I appreciate your interest, but I know how to do my job even when I’m tired. I have a lot of experience, and I’m not afraid of tiredness.”

“Very well, I want to thank you for the time you have dedicated to me.”

“It was a pleasure for me, if you want to talk to me again, you know where to find me.”


I say goodbye to the sex escort Leyla, and the interview is over.