Escort Interview Kimy

Escort Interview Kimy

The girl who was reported to me for today’s interview by the escort agency is a beautiful girl named Kimy specializing in the Couple Escort Service. This service allows anyone who wants to have sex with two beautiful escorts Amsterdam or to allow a third person to have sex with the client and the chosen escort.

Usually, the people who choose this service are couples who want to add something hot to their relationship and overcome a limit that very few can say they have overcome, and an escort like Kimy is the perfect partner for the Couple Escort Service.

Kimy was happy to meet me and talk to me. We felt through Skype because of some personal commitments that we could not postpone, and Kimy connected by wearing only a towel to cover her perfect body. The escort agency had told me that Kimy was very exhibitionist and that she loved to show people her body and watching it in streaming I had the confirmation.

Anyway, Kimy, just like all the other Amsterdam escorts I have interviewed, has a good story to tell. I don’t want to waste any more time, the interview can begin.

“Hi Kimy, thank you for giving me this interview.”

“Thanks to you, I know that talking in this way is very uncomfortable, but I don’t really have time in this period.”

“Do you have a lot of bookings?”

“The word” a lot “doesn’t do justice to what I’m doing. I have meetings with customers every day and do different services every night. I can’t wait to have some day offs.”

“I am happy that you are very successful with men. The escort agency told me that you are in great demand for the couple escort service, can you give me more information on this service?”

“Yes, it is a top-rated service and represents a variant of the threesome escort service. The variant is to allow a couple to have sex with an escort, and I can guarantee that this service allows you to create very interesting situations.”

“What kind of situations?”

“Well, for example, it is possible that the woman of the couple would like to try something lesbian, or new positions, or have a race with me to find out who is better at having sex and so on. The possibilities are many, and this is what I like the couple escort service: there are so many situations that can be created that it is really impossible to get bored, every day there is something new! ”

“You look really excited about this.”

“I am a girl who hates a lot of boredom, and in my life, I have always tried to do something and be on the move. I am terrified of staying still and not being able to start again as I wish. One of my biggest fears has always been finding a job in an office and being chained to my desk in front of a PC for eight hours a day, five days a week. For me, this is inconceivable, and it is Chinese torture. I have always done everything possible to avoid this type of work. I decided to enter the Amsterdam escort business. I sent my application to the escort agency I work for, and they were interested in collaborating with me. This is how I started my Amsterdam escort career. ”

“Well, with your character, I have to admit that this is the ideal job for you. Can you tell me some anecdotes about the couple escort service?”

“Yes. Once I was contacted by a couple who bought this service, but I didn’t have sex. They were very kind, and they told me that the only thing that interested them was having a woman in their room, naked and watching them while they were having sex. I remember very well that night because I made money by simply being naked and watching two people having sex. Yes, it was slightly strange, but overall the experience was not bad. Besides, each couple has private fantasies that he wants to satisfy, and I definitely don’t have the authority to judge these sexual preferences. It’s not my business, and I’m not in a position to give morality lessons to other people. ”

“I appreciate it very much, it means that you are not a hypocrite.”

“It’s not something related to my job, but it’s a belief I have. I don’t think anyone really has the right to judge what other people do and their possible deviations. I also believe that until laws are broken, and it hurts other people, all is allowed in sex. ”

“You’re absolutely right.”

“I hate hypocritical people, and I chose to work with an escort agency to be able to have all the sex I want, get paid to do it, and not have to account to anyone for what I do. I want to be the master of my life, and if that couple calls me again for the couple escort service, I will be very happy to please them once again. ”

“You are a girl who puts a lot of pride in what she does.”

“Yes, for me, sex must be maximum freedom. You must have the right to do what you want in bed. There is only one rule: to obtain maximum pleasure together with your partner or partners. Our job as escorts Amsterdam is to help all clients achieve this. The couple escorts service is my favorite way to do it, but I can do any type of escort service. ”

“Thank you so much for your time, Kimy.”

“Thanks to you, if you want to talk to me again don’t hesitate to contact me.”


My interview with this beautiful couple escort service expert escort has ended.