Escort Interview Kayla

Kayla Golden Shower Escort Service

Today’s interview has a controversial theme, and only a girl escort like Kayla can give me all the information I need. Kayla is an Amsterdam escort specializing in extreme and controversial services such as the Golden Shower Escort Service, the escort service that allows customers to urinate on the girl or get urinated on her.

This is an extremely controversial escort service that not all girls agree to do, and girls like Kayla are an exception in the escort industry. I certainly could not miss the opportunity to interview a girl escort specializing in the Golden Shower Escort Service, and Kayla was thrilled to speak with me.

Our meeting takes place in the lobby of the Sheraton Amsterdam hotel, and Kayla wears a short black dress and open shoes with wedges. A beautiful look, seductive but not vulgar.

I don’t want to waste any more time because this interview with Kayla, the controversial Amsterdam escort, has many potentials.

The interview can begin.

“Hi Kayla, thank you for agreeing to speak with me.”

“Thanks to you for inviting me.”

“The escort agency told me that you are an Amsterdam escort specialized in very controversial escort services such as the Golden Shower Escort Service. Can you tell me why you chose to specialize in this type of service? Not all girls agree to do so. ”

“There are several reasons behind my decision. The main one is economic motivation. I must confess that I have no intention of doing this job forever. Therefore I have the greatest interest in monetizing to the maximum in a short time. Offering all kinds of service allows me to have many more opportunities to work and make money. The second reason is that I like doing those things. I realized it when I was a teenager. I always had an interest in transgressive things and to overcome all the limits. I like the idea of ​​using every part of my body to give pleasure and not just my pussy or the ass. And in this way, I have a lot more fun. People often have prejudices about these things, but they would find that they are really very funny if they really tried them. ”

“Have your customers usually tried the Golden Shower Escort Service before hiring you?”

“Usually, yes. These are people who are passionate about these things, just like me, and know that I am the perfect girl for this type of service because they always have what they paid for customers. They can trust a girl escort who is unlikely says no. However, yes, some customers have never done these things before and are driven only by curiosity. But I must say that most of these people come back to me after trying the Golden Shower Escort Service, which means that I was able to do my Amsterdam escort job in the best way. ”

“What can you tell me about the Golden Shower Escort Service?”

“It is one of the most extreme services that the agency offers to clients, and only a few girls agree to do so. In summary, it is an escort service that involves urine, which is used to excite the client. When a man pays for this service gets the privilege of receiving my urine on his body or even being able to pee on him, but with the payment of an extra fee. The feeling of receiving hot urine on the body is incredibly sensual. It can excite every man, and I must say which I like a lot too, it is similar to cumshot and the heat of sperm, but it is not as sticky, and I can easily remove it. For me, it is difficult to make you understand how exciting it can be, and I must tell you that it is worth trying at least once in life. It’s not a cheap service, but it’s really worth it. ”

“I’m not a big fan of these things, but never say never. Isn’t it a dangerous service from the point of view of hygiene?”

“I am a girl escort who is extremely scrupulous regarding my personal hygiene, and in this type of service, it is necessary to be even more scrupulous. Whenever I perform or receive the Golden Shower Escort Service, I immediately take a long hot shower and use a lot of soap to wash. I tell the client to do the exact same thing; otherwise, his Amsterdam escort experience will not continue. It is also very important not to drink the urine for any reason and to keep your eyes closed if you receive it in the face. It is very annoying if it enters the eyes, exactly like sperm. ”

“Do you have to prepare yourself somehow when a customer buys the Golden Shower Escort Service?”

“When I have to receive it, there are no particular problems, but when I have to perform it, I must have a minimum notice to let me drink some water and give me the time necessary to prepare myself. I am very professional, and I really like to perform an excellent service with a lot of urine and to do this, I have to drink a lot of water and not go to the bathroom in the meantime. ”

“I understand. Do you have limits regarding this type of escort services?”

“My only limitations are those related to the possible risks to my health. I work with my body, and if I get sick, I cannot work, and it is my interest to always be in excellent health. I don’t want to do anything that involves having to eat stool or urinating or putting something strange in my mouth or even the heels of my shoes even if they are washed. I have no particular problems with everything else, and I like to experiment with many new things. ”

“Ok, thanks a lot for your time.”

“You are welcome.”


The interview is over.