Escort Interview Katya

Katya BDSM Escort Service

In the Amsterdam escort sector, many services can be offered for the pleasure of customers and to give them real emotions. Among these services, those regarding sadomasochistic sex are certainly controversial but also in high demand. People are fascinated by the forbidden and the things they can’t do publicly, and they know that only a sex escort can give them what they are looking for. Katya is one of these girls and is a great expert in the BDSM escort service. This escort service allows you to transform a normal Amsterdam escort experience into a BDSM experience without limits.

I decided to interview this beautiful escort Amsterdam and to get as much information as possible about this service and all the other services that she offers. Katya was kind enough to immediately accept my interview request.

Our meeting takes place in the Cafe Pollux bar in Amsterdam, and Katya puts on a cute top with a floral pattern, long black pants, and very high heels of the same color. Her skinny body is highlighted by this look, and it is difficult to believe that a beautiful sex escort like Katya is so expert in BDSM escort service.

But I must never judge by appearances, but only by facts and actions. Now is the time to start the interview.


“Hi Katya, thanks for being here, congratulations on your outfit.”

“Thanks, I’m glad you like it.”

“The agency told me that you are an Amsterdam escort specialized in the BDSM escort service. Can I ask you why you decided to specialize in this service?”

“I can do any type of escort service, but if I can choose, I prefer to be a sex escort suitable for the BDSM escort service for several reasons. First of all, there is always a high demand for this type of service, and this translates into a great chance of being hired and making money. And then I like it. ”

“What do you like about this service?”

“I believe that in life, not only in sex, pleasure is closely linked to pain and that pain is also an indispensable emotion. Think, for example, when you were a child, and you burned yourself for the first time with hot water. That pain taught you not to do that thing, and you learned. Without the pain of sunburn, you would not have had that experience. Also, the pain increases the instinct for survival and the desire to improve because nobody wants to experience pain again, and the only way to do this is to continually improve. And in sex, pain is related to pleasure. For example, in anal sex, there is a lot of pain, especially the first few times or if the client has a big cock, but this pain is easily transformed in pleasure. And in the BDSM escort service pain is used to give even more pleasure, and I like that very much. ”

“Do you prefer to be in the domain position, or do you like to be more submissive in the BDSM escort service?”

“I like to think that I am a sex escort able to adapt perfectly to all customer requests. I have no problem becoming a ruthless and arrogant mistress or turning into a submissive slave who just wants to please her master. I only have I need to know the client’s requests, and I will be able to adapt accordingly. Personally, however, I prefer to be a mistress than a slave; it is much more fun, but being a professional Amsterdam escort also means adapting to customer requests in the best way. ”

“Why do you like being a master more?”

“Because commanding is much more fun than obeying. I like to give orders to people and see them obey immediately. I also love the feeling of power that gives me a little pain and humiliation. I am not an arrogant or loving person the power, but I have to admit that during the BDSM escort service, I discover a side of my character that I had never known and that I like. But I am also able to adapt quickly to the role of submissive, but commanding is better. ”

“I guess so. Aren’t you afraid that the situations within the BDSM escort service will get out of control?”

“No. I am a trained sex escort who knows how to correctly manage the most difficult situations, thanks to my experience. I have never had problems with clients. However, there is always the possibility that something unexpected will happen, and for this is why I always establish a Stop Word in case something unpleasant happens. ”

“A Stop Word? What does it mean?”

“It is a security mechanism that the agency has implemented to take the security of the Amsterdam escort and the client to the next level. Before starting the BDSM escort service, a word is established with the client. This word has the power to immediately stop the service if pronounced, regardless of what you are doing. It can be used if the situation begins to become unmanageable or if someone feels too uncomfortable. Afterward, when you have regained control, you can resume the service. Personally, I never happened to use it because I know when to stop when I am a master and how to put limits on customers when I am submissive. Still, it is a very useful option, and several friends have used it. ”

“I understand. What are your goals for the future?”

“In the long term, I have no idea. There are too many interesting variables at the moment and projects to develop. In the short time, my goal is to become the agency’s most requested sex escort and make a lot of money, have fun, and experiment with new things. I want to wake up every day impatient to do my job. ”

“An excellent goal, I wish you to achieve it.”

“Thank you.”


The interview is over.