Escort Interview Jill


Jill is truly a very sensual Amsterdam escort with undeniable charisma. She is the girl escort I have to interview today. She has been working as an Amsterdam escort for the best girl escorts agency in the city for a long time. Jill’s specialty is an escort service called roleplay escort service. It allows those who buy it to have sex in a completely new way: by making a role play with the girl escort she has hired.

What does roleplay escort service mean? In this service, it is possible to give roles to the escort and the client and have sex differently. The classic example is that of the sexy nurse and the patient, or the sexy teacher and the student, or the boss having sex with the sexy secretary. These are all unique situations and can develop if you buy the roleplay escort service that Jill offers to all her clients, along with several other excellent Amsterdam escort services.

In my interview with Jill, I want to deepen my knowledge of the service and find out something new about this girl. The meeting is held at Belushi’s Bar in Amsterdam. Jill has a decidedly informal look, which perfectly represents her day off: flip-flops, shorts, and a black tank top. This outfit leaves little to the imagination as Jill is almost naked. But her sweet body doesn’t have to distract me, I have to behave professionally.

The interview can begin.

“Hi, Jill, you really look great today.”

“Thanks, I have a casual look, today is hot, and it’s my day off. Finally, I don’t have to wear high heels all day! My feet are thanking me.”

“I guess that with your job, you need to always wear those shoes, even when having sex.”

“Yes, exactly. An Amsterdam escort must necessarily wear heels, it’s a basic rule.”

“I guess this rule is even more important during your favorite escort service, the roleplay escort service.”


“Jil, can you tell me about this service?”

“Well, it’s my favorite service, and it’s the one that allows me to play a different role every time I have sex. I can be a mistress, a submissive, a doctor, a teacher, a sister, a cousin, whatever. the customer wants. ”

“Why did you decide to specialize in this type of service?”

“The most critical motivation is really trivial, it is money. Few girls work in this sector and therefore I have very little competition. I have many more opportunities to earn than many girls who do not want to do this type of service. Then I have to admit that roleplay escort service is often damn fun, and I found myself doing absolutely incredible things that I didn’t think could turn anyone on. ”

“Can girls choose which escort services to offer?”

“Yes. Nobody forces us to do something we don’t want to do, but the staff is always very clear in saying that if we refuse to do services, we will undoubtedly have fewer customers and earning opportunities. Every girl must reflect on what she is willing to do to make money without compromising herself. But no, no one has ever forced us to do any escort service. Proof of this are the girls who don’t want to have anal sex even if it’s a top-rated escort service. They don’t like this guy of sex and are willing to give up on easy money to not negotiate, and I respect that very much. ”

“I understand that in roleplay escort service, the customer can give free rein to his imagination. Have you ever found yourself in a potentially dangerous situation?”

“In what way dangerous? Dangerous for my life?”

“Yes, dangerous in that sense.”

“No, absolutely not. One of the significant advantages of working with an escort agency is that the staff make a selection of the people who contact them to have sex with the escorts. Several people just want to waste time or have bad intentions, and the staff is now trained to identify them and stop them before putting them in contact with the girls. Thanks to the team’s work, I have never found myself in a situation where my life was in danger or where I felt a lot of discomforts. For an escort, Amsterdam is very important to be able to work safely, and only with this agency have I always felt protected. ”

“I try to change the question: have you ever had strange experiences during the roleplay escort service?”

“A lot, indeed, almost all of them. I could even write a book about it, and it could be a really interesting idea.”

“Can you tell some of them?”

“Yes, but I could disappoint you because my weird concept can be very different from yours. Anyway, I’ll try.”

“Thanks, that would be very interesting.”

“I remember a client, of course, I will never name, who was really passionate about feet. A true fetishist. He wanted me to play the part of a dominatrix fetishist, and I had to let him lick and kiss my feet all evening. I don’t. I am a fetishist, and I do not feel any kind of arousal if someone touches my feet, and I must admit that it was the most boring experience of my career as a girl escort. But I was paid very well, and that is the crucial thing. ”

“Very interesting, well, you can say that it is impossible to get bored in your job. What are your plans for the future?”

“Nobody is sure of getting to tomorrow. For now, I have fun and make money. In a few years, I will think of an exit strategy to do other things in my life.”

“I understand, thank you very much for your time.”

“Thanks to you, you are welcome.”


The interview is over.