Escort Interview Jessa

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Some girls are really capable of making you fall in love at first sight, and Jessa is a very special girl. When I saw her enter the Sheraton Amsterdam hotel lobby to be able to speak in our interview, I immediately felt that there was something absolutely unique inside her. It is said that some people were born to lead, others to sing, while the beautiful Jetta was certainly born to have sex. Her body is perfect. Her gaze is sensual, and her attitude is that of a woman used to being in control in every situation. She is an Amsterdam escort who is used to domination and is happy every time she finds a man who can stand up to her. Her favorite escort service is the anal escort service. This escort service allows everyone to have beautiful anal sex with a beautiful woman like Jessa.

Jessa is wearing shorts, a blouse, and black high heels. Her look is beautiful, and the shorts highlight her ass. A man looks at her with great desire, and Jessa smiles at him. She probably found a new client.

Jessa greets me, and we sit at our table.

The interview with this Amsterdam escort can begin.


“Hi Jessa, you look beautiful today, and I’m thrilled to be here with you.”

“Thanks to you for the invitation and the compliments. I’m pleased that my workouts in the gym have helped me.”

“Do you train a lot?”

“Every day except the weekend. I do a general training day for the whole body, and the other days of the week, I only train one part of the body.”

“Well, the results are great.”

“I am an escort, I work with my body, and it is my interest to always try to be in the best possible physical shape.”

“Your favorite escort service is the anal escort service. Why did you choose this service? Do you train your asshole too?”

“Yes, I also train my asshole. I use sex toys quite regularly, first I sprinkle them with petroleum jelly, and then I use them to stimulate my anus. In this way, I am always used to penetration, and I rarely feel pain. People don’t understand that anal sex if poorly done, can be excruciating. Therefore, I must always be trained as clients cannot always follow my instructions correctly and give me pleasure and not pain. ”

“I understand, unfortunately, it is one of the disadvantages of working as an escort. You can find men who are used to having sex and others who have no idea what they are doing, right, Jessa?”

“Yes, exactly, you took the words out of my mouth.”

“And why did you choose to become an Amsterdam escort expert in anal escort service?”

“Well, it all started when I wasn’t working as a professional escort yet. I remember I was at the disco with some friends and I started dancing with a lovely guy. We danced all night, and he told me if I wanted to sleep with him. I was. young, but not stupid, and I knew immediately what that boy wanted to do with me. ”

“Sex, exactly?”

“Yes. But he was a nice guy, and I really wanted to have sex, and so I accepted. I have always loved sex, but only with a condom, and I never had a problem having sex with people I met that same night. ”

“Sex is free, no one is to be judged for their sex life.”

“You’re damn right, but it’s not always possible. People have this flaw, they can never think only of their business, but they have to tell others how to live their life without even being able to live theirs.”

“I understand you, Jessa.”

“Anyway, we’re digressing. Back to our talk, I went to that guy’s house, and we started having sex, mostly oral sex. He told me he wanted to have sex with me, but he was only having anal sex. Not. I had never tried it, but the experience seemed exciting to me. The guy told me not to worry and that he would think of everything. He lubricated my asshole and made me relax, and then he penetrated me. It was my first time, and despite the precautions, I felt pain, but also a lot of pleasure. We had anal sex all night, and it was crazy. ”

“And what happened then?”

“The funny thing is that I never saw that guy again. It was just a one night stand, but it changed my life because I fell in love with anal sex. When I became an Amsterdam escort, I decided to specialize in anal escort service. I can do all, but I can only give my best with this service. The anal sex is fabulous, and I get paid for it, it couldn’t get any better. ”

“When the customer buys this service and starts having anal sex with you, how do you always control the situation?”

“Well, the body is mine, and so I decide when to get penetrated. I like to involve the client by telling him to help me lubricate the asshole and using a sex toy that I always carry with me, and then we’ll have anal sex. All this foreplay, all this preparatory work, is almost useless because my training allows me to always be ready to take it up to the ass, but it is excellent for involving clients. They are happy, I am happy, and I get paid more, it is a situation where we both win. ”

“I understand. Isn’t it stressful for your body?”

“Well, when I do it several times a week, it starts to be painful, but the training helps me tremendously. I have decided that when the pain gets too bad, I will stop, and that’s what I will do.”

“And is this day near?”

“No, it’s still very, very far away.”


I thank Jessa for the interview and walk away as she starts talking to the man who stared at her when she entered. I was not wrong, this Amsterdam escort has found a new client.