Escort Interview Jane

Jane bachelor party escort service

One of the key characteristics of an escort in Amsterdam is to be a perfectly comfortable girl in the company of a man or a series of men. In fact, an Amsterdam escort does not only offer sex, but also her company in a series of situations, such as a dinner date in a restaurant, or accompanying a client in a social event, but especially for bachelor parties. I have a friend who recently attended a bachelor party in Amsterdam, and she told me that the Amsterdam escort hired was fantastic, and the party was a great success thanks to her. Therefore, the presence of an escort suitable to be among men is essential for the success of the bachelor party escort service or the escort service that allows you to hire a girl for the whole evening of the bachelor party. An unsuitable girl can ruin the evening, the perfect girl can elevate it to the next level.

And when I saw Jane enter The Bulldog Coffee Shop for our interview, I immediately knew she was the perfect girl for this bachelor party escort service. In fact, Jane is a girl who transmits a great desire to live and manages to infect others with her carefree. An evening with Jane manages to erase stress and nervousness. I must admit that she is also a beautiful girl, so it is clear that she is the total package: beauty and character!

Jane wears a pair of ripped jeans, sandals, and a cropped shirt that showcases her navel. She is tanned and sensual. I am not married, but if I were to do so, I would definitely like to spend my bachelor’s party with a girl like her.

But I can’t waste any more time thinking about this, I have to do an interview.

I greet the beautiful Jane, and we sit at our table.

The interview can begin.

“Hi Jane, you look fantastic today, you really are the portrait of beauty.”

“Thanks, I bet you say this to all the girls you interview.”

“No, only to the most beautiful.”

“Well, then thanks for the compliment. Ask me anything you want.”

“I read that you are a girl specialized in bachelor party escort service. Why did you choose to specialize in this service? What can you offer to all clients if they hire you to animate their bachelor party?”

“Why did I choose this service? Well, I really love having fun and being around people. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčanimating stag parties seemed like an interesting niche to exploit.”

“So, it was mainly a business decision?”

“Yes and no. Obviously, finding a niche that can guarantee customers right away is the best thing to do to get started in the best way in this business. But you must like these things, and this is an advice that I always give to all girls who want to start their Amsterdam escort career professionally with an agency. If you don’t like these things, you won’t last long, it’s inevitable. For example, attending a bachelor party means staying all night in between to some men, having sex with them, going everywhere with them, and always being happy and vital. Yes, on paper it sounds cool, but it’s actually not that simple, you have to be inclined to do these things, while if you are a girl who is more reserved or who likes to be with only one man at a time can be extremely difficult to do. ”

“So you have chosen a niche that exploits your talent, am I right?”

“Yes, you understood very well. I have always loved the nightlife, and being the center of attention, spending nights in the disco and entertaining many people. I could also be an actress or entertainer, but I chose to become an escort because having sex is more fun. ”

“What do you offer in your bachelor party escort service?”

“In general, I accompany the participants to the party all night long, having an evening together. We can go to a restaurant with the birthday boy and his friends, or go to a disco or somewhere in the city. You can also create a unique bachelor party in the groom’s room with erotic shows and having sex. ”

“What kind of erotic shows can you do?”

“Anything you want, from striptease to masturbation, or having sex with the participants or the groom, in private or in front of everyone.”

“It seems like anything can happen on bachelor parties.”

“Well, that’s right, and so you have to have the right attitude for this kind of thing; otherwise, you’ll never be long-lived in this business.”

“Can you tell me something weird that happened to you during the bachelor party escort service?”

“Well, there are so many that I can tell. Let me think … I once had sex with the groom, and then he almost had a panic attack from the thought of cheating on his future wife.”

“And what did you do?”

“I told him he didn’t have to worry, I would never say to the bride anything and that what was going on in that room would be our secret, and that that night was his last wild night, and that he could have fun. In other situations, the groom absolutely refused to participate in the service and went out of the room. ”

“For what reason?”

“He was in love with the bride, and attending this party seemed like a betrayal. I respected him a lot, but the service had already been paid for, and so I celebrated with his friends.”

“Protecting privacy is key in this service, right?”

“Exactly. The agency always protects customer data, but in this service, it is even more important. For this reason, photos and videos are prohibited.”

“Thank you very much, you are a wonderful and very professional girl.”

“Thank you if you get married I hope to be invited to your bachelor party.”


Jane smiles, and I really think it’s worth getting married in order to have her at my bachelor party.