Escort Interview Isabelle

Kissing escort service Isabelle

I still remember my first kiss very well. We were on the beach after a night at the seaside disco, and I met a beautiful girl. We isolated ourselves from our respective friends and kissed on the beach. I’m a gentleman and can’t reveal what happened that night (nothing special, anyway), but my first kiss stayed in my mind. I thought a lot about the reasons behind this: it was a significant moment in my life, that girl was lovely, and I was happy to be able to kiss her, it was one of my first sexual experiences. But the real reason is that the kiss has brought us to a remarkable level of intimacy, which is why the kiss is so fascinating. When I discovered the kissing escort service, I was very interested in finding out more information about this service. The Amsterdam escort I have to interview today, Isabelle, is the perfect person to give me the answers I am looking for.

Isabelle and I decide to meet in the Popeye Coffee Shop for a drink and a chat. This Amsterdam escort is beautiful; she has plump and soft lips and uses a gorgeous red lipstick. I am sure that kissing escort service with Isabelle is a fabulous experience, impossible to describe only with words.

Anyway, I have to try not to just stare at Isabelle’s lips, I have a job to do, and I have to finish this interview.

We sit at the coffee shop table, and we can begin the interview.

“Hi Isabelle, I’m happy to be here with you. You are lovely, and I love your lipstick.”

“Thank you very much, are you passionate about lipsticks?”

“No, but it’s really impossible not to notice it. The lipstick enhances your lips.”

“Thanks so much.”

“When I found out that you are an Amsterdam escort specialized in kissing escort service, I thought I had to interview you absolutely.”

“Are you a kissing enthusiast?”

“I love to kiss every woman I have sex with in a romantic way, and kisses bring back wonderful memories.”

“Oh, you are romantic.”

“Well … yes.”

“Don’t be afraid, ask me anything you want.”

“Isabelle, why did you choose to specialize in kissing escort service?”

“I want to give the best to all my clients and make them experience good sensations, and then I also like to kiss and be kissed. Having sex without being able to kiss your partner is like taking a shower, but without the bubble bath, it makes no sense.”

“I perfectly agree with you.”

“My clients love to kiss me, and I don’t like to think they have to pay extra to do it, but these are the agency’s rules, and I have to respect them if I want to collaborate with them.”

“Is that why you chose to specialize in this service?”

“I can do it all: massages, anal sex, blowjobs, threesomes, whatever you can think of. But to be honest, kisses are special to me too, and I like to offer them to my clients, but they have to pay. Money doesn’t make me sick; otherwise, I would never have done this job, and if I get paid to kiss and be kissed, it’s ok for me, but that’s something I’d do for free too. ”

“Can you explain what I get if I pay for the kissing escort service?”

“You can kiss me for your entire Amsterdam escort experience, but with some simple rules to follow.”

“What rules?”

“Hygiene first. Every Amsterdam escort takes her hygiene at the highest level and does not underestimate any risk. If a client wants to kiss me first, he must brush his teeth and mouth with toothpaste and mouthwash. Caution is never too much. And the service can only be obtained in the bedroom. If you are looking for a girl to hustle with in public, then I’m sorry, an escort is not for you. ”

“Don’t you kiss in public?”

“Yes, but only my boyfriend and not when I work. These are the rules, take it, or leave it.”

“I understand, well, the rules must be respected, especially if they serve to protect the health of both escorts and clients.”

“That’s right; collaboration is key to achieving great results and minimizing problems.”

“Isabelle, you said earlier that you would also do this service for free but that it is not possible. Do you mean that there are girls who offer this type of service for free?”

“I don’t want to accuse anyone, but I’ve heard that some girls do things for free instead of for a fee. Nothing serious, they don’t have free anal sex, for example, but things like kisses or extra oral sex or footjobs. Nothing serious, I repeat this, but it is not a professional escort attitude. When you are working, you have to give the client what he paid for in the best way, nothing more and nothing less. You cannot give something for free unless there is a valid reason why it is a great lack of respect for those who paid more than you. I would even kiss for free, but I can’t do it. ”

“I understand, that’s the best attitude. What happens to those who do these things?”

“If you are discovered for the first time, you can be fined or reprimanded; if you do a second infraction, you will be suspended, and, in the most severe cases, you are fired. The staff will also take care of informing the other agencies of the girl’s attitude, and you will never work in this business again. ”

“It sounds harsh but fair.”

“It is, but it’s a question of professionalism.”

“Thank you so much for your time.”

“Thanks to you, I’m not working right now, and so I can do it.”


I don’t have time to ask for explanations. Isabelle kisses me. This Amsterdam escort knows how to kiss perfectly.

I’m in love with her.

The interview is over.