Escort Interview Inez

Inez girl Escort

I must confess that I am a massive lover of oral sex and that I often prefer it to sex too. When I am tired, there is nothing better than a good blowjob to make me relax, and in the same way, I really love doing 69 with a girl escort or with my partner. When I discovered that the beautiful Inez, the Escort Amsterdam I have to interview today, is a great expert in the Oral sex escort service, I immediately understood that she and I were destined to talk.

Inez is waiting for me at Belushi’s bar in Amsterdam for an interview, and I will try to be professional even if it is very difficult with a girl like that.

Inez is wearing a mini denim skirt, a black tank top with fish designs, and full of glitter and flip flops. A summer look because today is a very hot day.

We sit at a table and order cold drinks. This girl escort is truly gorgeous and has a kind of magnetic charm. The other men in the bar do nothing but stare at her, and I’m sure she’s happy with the attention she gets. After all, she is an Escort Amsterdam; she has to attract clients’ attention to make money.

I don’t want to waste any more time; I have several questions to ask and little time. I have to try to be fast and get to the heart of the matter immediately.


“Hi Inez, I’m happy to be here with you. Today you are lovely.”

“Thank you very much, just today?”

“No, you are always beautiful.”

“Thanks, I love getting compliments, even though you probably think I’m vain.”

“No, it’s always nice to receive compliments; the important thing is that they are sincere.”

“It’s a matter of competition with the other girls. If you do my job, which is the girl escort, you have to be a little vain and understand that you are working with your body. You have to give value to what people pay to have, so I have to always have a perfect body and always be in the best possible physical condition. ”

“I very much appreciate your professionalism, Inez.”

“My way of working led me to be one of the most popular Escort Amsterdams at the moment. My success is proof that I was right and has silenced all my critics.”

“The agency told me that you are very good at the oral sex escort service. Can you tell me about this service? Why did you choose to specialize in this escort service?”

“Well, because it drives me crazy! I love oral sex so much, both doing it and receiving it, and I can’t wait to be hired once again for the oral sex escort service. I really like the idea of ​​giving and receiving pleasure using mouth and tongue, and I am not ashamed to admit that I can have better orgasms with the oral sex escort service than when I have sex. When a client chooses to have oral sex with me, I am happy because I already know that I will have a very strong orgasm! ”

“I like oral sex a lot, too, especially because it’s fast.”

“Yes, you can’t imagine how many people want to have quick orgasms because they don’t have the time to have sex with a girl escort. Maybe our civilization should learn to slow down if we can’t even have the time to have sex anymore. I don’t want to. to say that my clients are always staring at the clock while I am giving a blowjob, but haste is the basis of everything, and this is not good. We must relax, rest and allow our body and mind to savor the pleasure that only a blowjob performed to perfection can give. ”

“You’re totally right. I think giving a quick blowjob or oral sex in a hurry to finish doesn’t make the slightest sense. I prefer to do nothing if the alternative is to do things in a hurry and fear of ending too late. ”

“I’m glad we think the same way.”

“Inez, so you chose to specialize in this service just because you liked it?”

“Yes, it’s a very romantic idea and maybe even naive, but it’s my primary motivation. Doing something like this every day must be something you really like; otherwise, you won’t resist the pressure for long. doing what I liked, and I’m happy that so many people liked it, it’s proof that my tastes are the same as those of most people and that I wasn’t wrong to focus on sex. ”

“Inez, have you ever received any weird requests regarding the oral sex escort service?”

“A customer asked that I lick some cocaine off his cock, and I immediately stopped serving. Another weird request was to put some chocolate or cream on his cock and then lick it.”

“And you did it?”

“The customer had the cream spay with him, so I satisfied him because I just had to lick the penis’ shaft. I must admit that it was an unexpectedly very pleasant experience and that I enjoyed it. I did it again with great pleasure. ”

“I’ve never done it this way; you gave me a great idea. Is the oral sex escort service performed only with condoms?”

“Of course. I am an Escort Amsterdam who puts customer safety first. I do not agree to have oral sex or traditional sex without protection.”

“I understand. Thanks for your time, and I hope to meet you again.”

“If you want, I can get you a discount for my oral sex escort service.”


I smile and think about Inez’s offer. I must admit that it is interesting, who knows, I might even accept.