Escort Interview Hazel

Hazel Call Girl

In my life, I have gone very few times to a nightclub and have never really enjoyed the experience. Don’t get me wrong, seeing beautiful naked women dancing is always a good thing, but I never liked having other men around and not really being able to have privacy with the girl I was interested in. The private room lasts a few minutes, and you can’t do anything sexual, so what’s the point of going to a nightclub, getting horny, spending money, and then not having sex? It does not make sense. The only good thing about nightclubs is the lap dance, and when I found out that I had to interview an Amsterdam escort who specializes in this escort service, I was thrilled. The beautiful sex escort Hazel is, in fact, the queen of the Lap Dancing escort service, the service that allows you to have a private lap dance show in your bedroom during your Amsterdam escort experience.

I contacted the sex escort Hazel to arrange an interview, and this Amsterdam escort was happy to meet me to talk.

The meeting takes place in Dam Square one evening, while we have an aperitif and talk. Beautiful Hazel is wearing short jeans, python heeled shoes, and a purple T-shirt. This look showcases her super long legs.

She is a beautiful sex escort, and I can hardly imagine that many men are interested in meeting her.

I don’t want to waste any more time. The interview can begin.


“Hi Hazel, thank you for agreeing to speak with me right away.”

“I had a few days off, and I thought it was best to talk to you when I had the chance. I don’t know when he will have more days off shortly.”

“You work a lot?”

“A lot? I’m almost always at work now and never at home. I sleep in the beds of many hotels and never in my own bed. I really needed to stop for a few days; otherwise, all my work wouldn’t have been fun anymore.”

“I guess having sex is always tiring.”

“I can’t complain because I am a sex escort, and I lead a life that other women can only dream of. I mean, I earn a lot of money, I can eat in luxury restaurants without ever paying, I have nice clothes and gifts, and I have sex with so many men. Mine is a life that many women envy me, but it is definitely tiring in some moments, and it takes away the desire to have sex. ”

“I understand; in those moments, a break is needed.”

“Yes, you don’t have to keep working indefinitely if you’re tired. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, and my focus is on doing my job well and satisfying my client, and if I’m too tired, I can’t do it. ”

“You are an Amsterdam escort specialized in lap dancing escort service. Why did you choose to specialize in this service?”

“For several years, I danced ballet, and then I switched to modern dance for passion. Thanks to my passion, I started dancing in nightclubs to earn some money, and I realized that people were drawn to my body. The decision to move from the pole. the lap dance at my clients’ beds was very fast, and I’m sure I made the right choice. ”

“What does the Lap Dancing escort service consist of?”

“The customer who purchases the Lap Dancing escort service has the privilege of seeing a personal lap dance show in their bedroom before having sex.”

“But there isn’t a pole in the bedroom. How do you do a lap dance without the pole?”

Hazel laughs.

“Well, obviously, Lap Dancing escort service is just the service’s name, and it is absolutely not mandatory to have a lap dance pole inside the hotel room. The purpose of the service is to have a highly erotic and high-quality show to start your Amsterdam escort experience in the best way. And in my opinion, seeing an Amsterdam escort dancing in front of you, completely naked and incredibly sexy, is a really sexy thing. The thought of seeing such a show turns me on, and when I dance in front of a man, I manage to feed on his energy and get rid of all my inhibitions. When I dance, I’m free to do what I want, and the union of sex and music is absolutely indescribable for me. ”

“Are there any things you don’t like doing in this escort service?”

“I know it sounds weird, but I don’t really like dancing in high heels. I’m afraid of falling and making a fool of myself. I like dancing barefoot a lot more. I love heels, and I love having sex while wearing them. , but I’m not comfortable dancing in heels. ”

“I understand, but do you have to wear what the customer wants?”

“Yes, and I often have to dance in heels, like I did when I was in nightclubs. I always manage to dance well, but I’m always afraid of falling. Fortunately, my body and my skills distract the client enough and allow me to take off my shoes after a short time.”

“Do customers try to dance with you?”

“Yes, someone tries to do it, and if it happens, I tell them not to do it again. If the customer understands what I said, it’s ok, if they do it again, then I am authorized to stop the service immediately. they can touch while dancing, that’s our main rule. ”

“Have you ever had any problems?”

“I’ve met some unruly clients, but luckily they were manageable problems. I’ve never been in situations where I was my life was in danger.”

“Thank you, Hazel, it was nice talking to a sex escort like you.”

“You are welcome.”


The interview is over.