Escort Interview Gia

Gia Party Girl Escort

I know it sounds weird as I’ve spent most of my life in Amsterdam, but I’ve never been a party guy. I have a slightly introverted character, and throughout my adolescence, I have always found myself uncomfortable with too many people in the same place, especially if you have to dance and have fun. Don’t get me wrong, I had friends and girlfriends. I just didn’t feel comfortable amid a lot of confusion. For this reason, I never went to the legendary Amsterdam parties. Still, I read several reports and talked to people who attended the most famous events. Everyone told me that the best way to experience these events is to be accompanied by Amsterdam escorts who offer a service called Party Girl escort service. Thanks to this service, it is possible to hire a party escort to accompany you for the whole evening at Amsterdam’s party.

The service is the perfect solution for those who don’t want to go alone to parties. The escort I have to interview today, the charismatic Gia, a party escort, specializes in Party Girl escort service.

Our meeting takes place in the Popeye coffeeshop, and Gia is wearing a blue dress and black sandals. This girl smiles a lot and has beautiful light in her eyes, the light of a person who really wants to live life.

We sit down at the table, and we can start our interview.


“Hi Gia, you are lovely today.”

“Thanks, this morning I was a mess, I spent all my time renovating myself.”

“What happened?”

“Last night, I had a very demanding Amsterdam escort experience. I was with two other Amsterdam escorts with a client, and we had sex all night. I’m exhausted.”

“One man and three women?”

“Yes, it’s not as rare as you think.”

“Well, congratulations to the client for his stamina.”

“And congratulations to the escorts for helping him have the best experience of his life.”

“Well, that goes without saying. You are famous for being a party escort, an escort who is selected to accompany clients to Amsterdam parties. Why did you choose to specialize in Party Girl escort service?”

“I chose it for several reasons: I’m a dynamic girl, and I like to live at night, I love parties and being around people, and then I really love accompanying people to parties. With music, I can let loose and become what I am. I really wish. ”

“And what would you like to be?”

“I don’t know how to describe it. I would like to be really free, without having to answer to anyone for what I do, just think about dancing and moving.”

“I understand. I guess then being a party escort allows you to achieve this.”

“Yes, luckily, the Party Girl Escort Service has become very popular. Some so many clients want to go to parties with me. I dance, have fun and get paid, it doesn’t get any better.”

“Tell me some particular experience.”

“There are really many that I keep in my heart. I really like having aperitifs at sunset and talking to my clients about everything. I love the atmosphere of complicity that arises between us as if we were really engaged or friends with whom You can share just about anything. I also really like it when the party is in the evening, and I can have fun all night long. ”

“Have you ever found yourself in a dangerous or too transgressive situation?”

“I am a party escort with a very open mind, it is tough for me to be scandalized by anything, especially when I told you that last night I was with other Amsterdam escorts having an orgy. But I have zero tolerance for alcohol and drugs.”

“Don’t you smoke and don’t drink?”

“Absolutely not. I’ve tried to drink beers a few times, but it seems my body can’t even tolerate that stuff. Every time I drink alcohol, I throw up. And the same with drugs. But it’s not a big deal because the agency’s policies on drugs and alcohol are extremely clear: when you work, you cannot drink or take drugs. Of course, a glass of wine can be drunk on a dinner date, but not in my case, but it is essential to understand when you have to stop. Girls got drunk during the Party Girl escort service and got fired for it. ”

“I understand after all the agency’s rules are very clear.”

“Exactly. Anyway, it’s normal to use alcohol and drugs at parties, but my client doesn’t have to use them, or I have the power to stop the service immediately. Trust me, hanging out all night with a drunk guy is awful.”

“When I was young, I had a friend who couldn’t stay sober at parties, it was stronger than him. He ended all parties completely drunk and was very difficult to manage because his kind of drunkenness was friendly. He hugged you, touched you. and it was very difficult to keep your distance. ”

“I hate that kind of person, I go crazy when someone touches me without my consent.”

“I guess you’ll have to be careful in case a customer gets drunk.”

“I’m good at figuring out if the client has been drinking or not. I think it makes no sense to hire a party escort all night and then get drunk, but it’s not me who decides what to do, but the client. If he wants to spend his money like this, who am I to judge? ”

“Well, I can’t help but agree with you. What are your plans for the future?”

“Finish the interview and go to bed, I’m exhausted. Seriously, I want to have fun for a long time, and then I will think about the next phase of my life. I still have to find a party where I am bored, and it will be time to dismiss when I find it.”

“Thank you so much for your time.”

“You are welcome.”


The interview is over.