Escort Interview Fabia

Fabia girl escort

I want to immediately admit that I have always enjoyed cumming on their bodies in my encounters with girls, obviously with their consent. I’ve always liked the idea of ​​experimenting with new things and trying to be a porn star. The girls were also curious to experience new sensations. Obviously, the Amsterdam Escorts have no problem getting cum on them thanks to the cob escort service. This extra escort service allows the client to cum on a part of the chosen escort’s body. All the girls escorts offer this service, including the beautiful Fabia, the girl I have to interview today. Maybe I can find out some interesting stories about cob escort service with her.

I now have my favorite places to interview Escorts Amsterdam, and the Coffee Shop Bulldog is one of my favorite places. I can have a drink and eat a candy while talking to a beautiful girl. Fabia accepts my invitation without any problems.

Fabia is wearing a striped shirt, leggings, and sports shoes. She has gold earrings and eyeglasses. A beautiful girl and the agency told me that she is among the most requested girls escorts, and I have no trouble understanding why.

I say goodbye to Fabia, we sit down at the table, and we can begin our interview.

“Hi Fabia, I didn’t think you were wearing eyeglasses.”

“Well, unfortunately, I’m short-sighted. When I work, I wear contact lenses, but today is a day off.”

“You look like a sexy secretary with glasses.”

“An original compliment, I have to admit it.”

“I’m a creative journalist.”

“I see.”

“The agency told me that you are one of the most popular girls escorts of this period. I guess you have a lot of work.”

“Yes, maybe too much. Often sex stops being fun and turns into a job, into something I have to do because I have been paid. Don’t get me wrong, it is beautiful to make love, but I would like to slow down to enjoy them better in some moments. ”

“Can’t you slow down?”

“I could accept fewer bookings, but I’m afraid of making less money. This job has a definite expiration date, and I want to monetize as much as possible before finishing. I don’t want to be an Amsterdam escort girl for life.”

“I understand. I wanted to talk about the cob escort service. You and many other Amsterdam escorts agree to receive cumshots on different parts of the body. Tell me what sensations you feel and which parts of the body are most requested.”

“Well, the feeling is that of a hot bath. I nicknamed it” Hydro “because it reminds me of a very hot hydromassage’s sensations, and it is fantastic. I love the sticky feeling of semen all over my body, and I have also read that it is excellent for the skin. Basically, a natural beauty cream! ”

“Several girls escorts have told me that the sensation of sperm on the skin is fantastic, and you confirm it too. What part of the body is most requested for the cob escort service?”

“Mainly the face. Men find it very attractive to see my pretty face covered in cum, and almost 90% of requests are for the facial cumshot. To be honest, I don’t like it.”

“For what reason?”

“I don’t really like the idea of ​​having to close my eyes to prevent the sperm from getting into the eye, and I can guarantee you it burns a lot. Besides, the client often cums on my hair too.”

“You do not like it?”

“No, I hate it. I love my hair, and sperm is not a natural cure.”

“I understand. And what are the other parts of the body?”

“The breasts, which is my favorite part, or on the belly. Some clients wanted to cum on my ass or near my pussy, but I refused.”

“You can do it?”

“Yes, no problem. We girls escorts and have the right to refuse to do something we don’t like, even if they have paid for the service. In the cob escort service, we can refuse to cum on the part of the body if we don’t like it. I don’t like getting cum next to my holes; it’s unhygienic and too dangerous. ”

“And what’s up with these customers?”

“Usually, there are no problems; they understand my reasons and choose another place on my body to cum on them. Besides, they have no reason to complain; the cob escort service rules are very clear, and they are the ones who are wrong.”

“I understand, the important thing is that you are not in danger.”

“I’ve never met a client who got aggressive when I told him he couldn’t cum on any part of my body. It’s always possible to find a compromise, especially in sex.”

“Have you ever received any strange requests?”

“A guy who is one of my most loyal clients loves to cum on my feet. Sometimes I have to wear heels, and other times it is not necessary. He likes it very much and told me he had never found any Amsterdam escorts who agreed to get cum on their face, and then the guy got the idea to cum on their feet. The girls escorts never said no, and he loved it. Even now, this client only ever cum on my feet, and I have to say it’s weird, but it’s a funny thing. I always try to be open-minded in my escort job, and I want to try everything except the things that are too dangerous. I am happy to have tried the cumshot on the feet. ”

“After the cob escort service, do you go to wash immediately, or do you play with sperm?”

“I play with my boyfriend’s sperm, when I’m at work I immediately go to wash, and if the client has cum on my face, I immediately wipe my face at the end of the service. I don’t want to play with other men’s sperm, and the cob escort service regulation prevents me from doing it for hygiene reasons. ”

“Very well, thank you very much for this interview.”

“You are welcome.”


The interview is over.