Escort Interview Elsa

Elsa girl escort

I have already written several times that I am a huge fan of oral sex and that I love both doing and receiving it. I love every aspect of oral sex, and, of course, I really like to cum in the mouth of the escort Amsterdam who gives it to me, obviously with her consent. In the course of my love life, I have met many girls who are happy to get cum in their mouths. An ex-girlfriend of mine swallowed it, while another spat it out most of the time. I have always thought that an Escort Amsterdam would not accept being cum in her mouth for hygienic reasons and instead, to my amazement, I discovered that there is an escort service called cim escort service (Cum In Mouth Escort Service) that allows clients to cum in the mouth of the girl escort choice.

I absolutely had to deepen the subject. I got an interview with Elsa, a girl escort who offers the cim escort service. In this way, I can deepen my knowledge on the subject.

Our meeting takes place in one of my favorite interview places: the Ibiza coffeeshop. Beautiful Elsa is on time and is wearing a red tank top, jeans, and black sandals. She has a hat on her head and sunglasses.

We say goodbye and sit down at our table to begin the interview.


“Hi Elsa, thank you for accepting my invitation. You are in great shape today.”

“Thanks, I changed my personal trainer, and these are the results.”

“Wasn’t the old personal trainer more effective?”

“No, I can’t say that, but his way of training was no longer suited to my needs. With this job, I have very little free time, and so I absolutely have to make the most of the few times I go to the gym. My new personal trainer He was recommended by another girl escort, and he uses CrossFit and yoga to train. I also changed my diet, and you can’t imagine how many benefits there are, even just drinking a few more water glasses a day. ”

“You could be an online nutritionist.”

“Yes, it is an idea that I am considering, you have to diversify your investments in life, never invest in just one sector.”

“You’re right. Elsa, I wanted to ask you a few questions regarding the cim escort service. I always thought that an escort in Amsterdam would not agree to do those things for hygiene reasons. I must admit I was amazed when I found out that a girl escort agreed to allow a client to cum in her mouth. Can you give me more information? ”

“Sure. You don’t know how many requests I’ve had from clients who really wanted to cum in my mouth, but I always refused, and I lost a lot of money for it.”

“Money? What does that mean?”

“That so many clients have offered to pay me an extra amount without the agency’s knowledge to allow them to do it. I’m talking about a lot of money, and no one would have found out, but I preferred not to.”

“For what reason?”

“For two reasons: it was too dangerous, and I didn’t want the agency to find out about me and for a matter of loyalty. The agency has always been fair to me, and I want to behave in the same way with them. I talked to the staff, and I said that there was an opportunity to make a lot of money and that we were losing it. We had a problem, and we had to solve it immediately. At that point, the cim escort service was born. ”

“How do you manage to be protected and in the same way to receive the cumshot in your mouth?”

“The solution was very simple, it was before everyone’s eyes, but no one had ever thought about it: the client’s cock must not enter my mouth. The cim escort service is based on the client’s cumshot.”

“What do you mean?”

“The procedure is very simple: when the client reaches orgasm, I kneel and open my mouth. The client has to aim and cum in my mouth and on my tongue. In this way, the cim escort service takes place, and I don’t have to an oral without condom. ”

“A very simple solution indeed.”

“Yes, that’s right. We did some tests with clients, and everything went well. The only risk is that the client can’t control the cumshot and cum in the face or on the breasts, but it has happened very few times.”

“What are you doing in this case?”

“Nothing, because I know the client didn’t do it on purpose. When that happens, I laugh, compliment the client on his cumshot’s power and then wipe myself off with a tissue. It’s not worth getting mad at this nonsense. ”

“I agree.”

“These are the risks of the trade. If you don’t want to be cummed on, then you don’t have to work as an Escort Amsterdam, but work as a bartender or a clerk.”

“Severe but fair.”

“This job is not suitable for those who are ashamed, we are naked, we have sex, and we are full of cum, this is the reality of our job, and we do it for money, pleasure, and sense of power.”

“You’re right, this job isn’t suitable for all women.”

“I’m sorry to talk like this, but I have to do my best to protect the business that makes me money. I’m very blunt when a girl tells me she wants to get into the world of escorts, and I tell her all the negatives right away. I do. to understand if the motivation is strong. ”

“I understand. Thank you very much for your time, and I still wish you many cim escort services!”

“You are welcome!”


The interview is over.