Escort Interview Dawn

Dawn escort Amsterdam

Dawn escort Amsterdam

It is said that you should never judge a book by its cover. When I had the opportunity to speak with the beautiful Escort Amsterdam Dawn, I realized that saying was true. Dawn is a teen escort with an angelic face and a flawless body specializing in Domination escort service, the escort service that allows the client to live a true experience of domination in his Escort Amsterdam Experience.

I find it difficult to imagine a teen escort like Dawn engaged in merciless domination of a man, but appearances can indeed be deceiving, and so I want to deepen this question in our interview.

Dawn and I agreed to meet on Dam Square so we can talk while we walk around, and Dawn is wearing jeans, athletic shoes, and a nice blue pullover. With this look and the glasses, she doesn’t really look like an Escort Amsterdam specialized in Domination escort service but rather a mild and harmless student with a stunning body.

Dawn and I say goodbye and start talking. I have many questions to ask, and little time, it’s better not to waste it and start asking my questions.

The interview can begin.


“Hi, Dawn, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“The pleasure is all mine. Don’t be afraid, ask me all the questions you want.”

“I have to be honest, you look lovely, but it’s the exact opposite of what I expected from an Escort Amsterdam specialized in Domination Escort Service.”

“What does that mean? Don’t you like my look?”

“No, I don’t mean that you are a fantastic teen escort, and I love your look, but you don’t look like a dominant escort. I hope you understand what I mean.”

“Yes, I understand, and I still have to admit that you are not the first man to tell me. I have a girlish body and an angelic face, and this deceives men, but I have decided to use all this to my advantage. People do not expect that I have a dominant attitude, and I like to see the surprise in their eyes when they understand who they are dealing with in the bedroom. Really, it’s great to see their expression when they realize that that teen escort is really a bomb in Domination escort service, and she turns out to be the queen of the dominatrixes. The shock in their eyes is an adrenaline bomb right in the heart. ”

“I guess. Tell me why you chose to become an Escort Amsterdam.”

“Well, I know it may sound trivial, and indeed it sure is, but I was interested in money. I wanted a lot of money, and I had to find a way to make it, and I thought about pornography. My brother was obsessed with porn, and I often caught him masturbating watching porn videos online. His reaction made me think of several things. Those porn stars had the opportunity to constantly have sex with handsome men with huge cocks, they had constant orgasms, but most of all, they were paid to do it! When I realized this fact turned on a light bulb in my head, I thought I could do it. I looked at my body in the mirror, and I knew I was more beautiful than many girls. Therefore I could have the opportunity to make a lot of money, and I participated in casting. ”

“But you are an Escort Amsterdam and not a porn star. Did something happen that made you change your mind?”

“Yeah. Porn castings went great, everyone loved me, and it was just a matter of time, and I would get any role, but then I thought about my family and started thinking about it.”

“Didn’t your family share your choice?”

“No, they didn’t know anything about my decision to become a porn star, and the casting was secret.”

“But sooner or later, someone would have discovered you.”

“Yes, but thousands of porn movies are made every year, and I thought my movie would be a drop in the bucket, and then I didn’t want to be a porn star forever. I would only make a few movies, make money, and then think about investing them. ”

“So, what did you do?”

“I wanted to avoid all humiliation and problems for my family, and so I decided not to work as a pornstar but as a teen escort. I left my city saying that I would go looking for a job in Amsterdam, and for me, that is the truth, but not I specified what kind of job I would do. Being an escort is like being a porn star with the only difference that I have sex privately. I have less risk of being discovered by my family, not to mention that I make more money. ”

“Why did you choose the Domination escort service?”

“I have always had some problems with my father. We have a similar character: proud, stubborn, and we want to dominate. I admit that I have not been very cooperative in some circumstances, but between us, it is impossible to get along. I chose this service because I can vent my dominant side and carry out an act of symbolic revenge on my father. I’m not dominating a client, I’m dominating my father, and this idea allows me to be truly dominant. ”


“In this service, I can dominate the client as I want and make him understand who the real dominator is. The only limit is the stop word that must be used if the situation gets out of control, but it has never been used in my service. I know when to stop me and avoid losing control of the situation. ”

“You really have a talent for domination. You are a teen escort, but you will certainly have a long career.”

“I’m not interested in a long career in the industry. I want to make a lot of money now and then do something else, I can’t devote my whole life to revenge on dad.”

“And what will you do?”

“I don’t know yet, only time will tell.”


The interview is over.