Escort Interview Daiana

Daiana Escort Amsterdam

Daiana Amsterdam Escort

I have already said several times that I love oral sex and all the escort services that allow you to experience new things in that kind of sex. Therefore, I was immediately happy to be able to interview the delightful Daiana, an Amsterdam escort highly specialized in Face Sitting Escort Service. For the uninitiated, the Face Sitting Escort Service is a fantastic escort service that will make any fan of oral sex happy. Thanks to this service, in fact, the girl escort you have chosen (in this case, the splendid Daiana) will literally sit on your face allowing you to lick your pussy in an incredibly deep way.

Yes, I must confess that when I learned that the escort girl Daiana offered the Face Sitting Escort Service, I lost my control. I forgot to be professional, violating my main rule: never be personally involved with the people I interview.

What does it mean? It means that I have had sex with Amsterdam Escort Daiana and have tried Face Sitting Escort Service myself, and I have to say it’s great. If six stars could be given to the service, I would give them, and words cannot describe what I felt throughout the service.

Furthermore, Daiana is a girl escort with a breathtaking body and a true queen of sex. The sex I had with Daiana was the best in a very long time, and it really made me feel alive.

I took advantage of our Amsterdam Escort Service in a hotel bedroom (I can’t say which one, privacy reasons) to do a little interview with Daiana.

Yes, it was weird to interview a beautiful naked woman you just had sex with, but I have to admit it was an exciting experience.

Here is our interview.


“Daiana, thank you for granting me this interview within our Amsterdam Escort Service.”

“No one had ever interviewed me naked; it’s a new thing for me too. I hope you enjoyed my shoot.”

“Fantastic, fabulous, gorgeous. I can’t find the right word to describe what I felt in this bedroom. You are truly stunning, Daiana.

“Wow, you make me blush with these words.”

“We try to be professional. Why did you choose to become an Amsterdam Escort?”

“I think you already know the answer: money. But I can also say that living moment like these where I can see happiness in my client’s eyes are priceless and are a fantastic incentive to keep doing what I do.”

“I guess you take a lot of pride in what you do.”

“Yes, you can bet on it. In the end, all women are happy if they give pleasure to a man, and this also applies to men. For them to feel that women have very strong orgasms is the confirmation of their machismo, fuel for their ego. Me. I am proud of my work, and knowing that I do it well makes me happy. ”

“I love hearing these things. I am a client now, and I am very pleased to know that for you, I am not just a number or a guy to make money from.”

“We are all people, we must never forget that. Yes, I must admit that I have often had sex with people I did not appreciate, but this is the job’s downside as a girl escort. But professionalism is seen in these situations, where I try to look for the positive in a negative situation. After all, if I wanted to have sex only with those I like, I would not work as an Amsterdam Escort, but I would get engaged and only have sex with one person: my boyfriend. ”

“Are you single now?”

“Yes, I prefer to focus only on my work now. I will have time in the future to build a family.”

“Aren’t you afraid of being alone?”

“No, I’m sure I’ll find what I’m looking for, but now I don’t want to limit myself to living with just one person. I prefer to make more money and then think about where to go in my life.”

“Do you like this job?”

“Yes. I like sex, making money by having sex and pleasing people, and of course, receiving it. I think you appreciated my behavior and my moans of pleasure during the Face Sitting Escort Service.”

“Yes, very much. They gave me a crazy adrenaline rush and pushed me to keep licking. Your pleasure made me feel good.”

“I’m really happy, and everything I do in the bedroom is genuine. If I’m happy and moan with pleasure, it’s because I’m really feeling it at that moment.”

“Have you ever faked an orgasm?”

“I can’t say I’ve never done it because I’d be lying, and I don’t want to. Not all men are capable of giving women orgasms, and you also have to think that there are women who hardly take pleasure in penetration.”

“For what reason?”

“Nothing strange, they have a very sensitive clitoris and prefer to be stimulated in a different way than penetration. Unfortunately, several men take this preference as an insult to their manhood.”

“I understand. Daiana, why did you choose to specialize in Face Sitting Escort Service?”

“Because I love to dominate the man in this position, and it gives me incredible pleasure. You saw my involvement, and you felt it, right?”

“Yes, very much.”

“I can do anything in bed, even anal sex, but face sitting is my favorite escort service, and I’m always happy when I do.”

“Did you fake orgasm with me?”

“I can’t answer this question,” Daiana said, laughing.

“What are your plans for the future?”

“I don’t plan anything, I just think about the next client he will have to meet and be happy now.”

“Thanks again for your work.”

“Thank you for wanting to have sex with me, I really appreciate it.”


The escort service with Daiana is over.