Escort Interview Cora

Cora Escort Amsterdam

Cora Escort Amsterdam

I did it again. I promised myself not to have sex with the girls I have to work with, but I couldn’t resist. I have seen Cora’s photos, and I have read that this Escort Amsterdam specializes in Fingering Escort Service. I felt within myself the desire to try this service for myself. I love fingering and everything that entails giving pleasure to a woman without using the penis. Therefore, knowing that this delightful Escort Amsterdam offered this service without any problems unleashed something inside me. I realized that I absolutely had to have sex with her and personally experience her skills.

And I have to say, it was a fantastic experience, and all men who will have sex with Cora should write my words and follow this simple advice: buy all the services you want without problems but remember to also buy the Fingering Escort Service because it is really her specialty, the icing on the cake of a great Escort Amsterdam Experience. Without this extra service, you will lose something.

I wanted to try her skills also because she is wonderful, one of the most beautiful escorts I have worked with. I must say that I have lost control of my instincts with only very few girls and Cora is at the top of this list.

We had sex and then spent some time naked in our hotel room, and I used that time to do an interview with this beautiful escort girl.

I hope I have asked some interesting and controversial questions.

Here is our interview:


“Cora, thanks for giving me an interview after having sex. I want to tell you right away that it was a great experience and that it was worth all the money I spent. I would do it again tomorrow if I had the money.”

“I am really pleased. I am not cheap compared to other escorts who can be hired on other channels, but I am convinced that quality has a price and when my clients admit that I am worth that price, it means that they recognize my skills and my quality, and I can only thank them. ”

“Feeling appreciated is always good, and I believe that in this business, it is even more so.”

“You’re absolutely right. There are so many girls out there ready to take your place, so you always have to be confident in your skills. If you have any doubts, then there is no place for you in the business.”

“The question is always the same: why did you become an Escort Amsterdam?”

“Well, I thought about this choice for a long time, and in the end, I thought it was the best thing I could do. I have no talent in manual work and in the kitchen. I don’t know how to cook even an egg, and I don’t have a degree because I don’t have it. I never liked studying, so I couldn’t have a good career in some offices. I have to admit that when I was a teenager, I was too rebellious. So I complicated things a lot regarding my future and made choices that I wouldn’t make now, but you can’t change the past, can you? ”

“No, it’s impossible.”

“Yeah. I was in a situation where I needed money quickly, and the only solution was to sell my body. The alternative was to sell drugs, but it was illegal. I started working as a prostitute to pay off debts and get out of an uncomfortable situation. I noticed that I liked what I was doing. I was good at having sex, it was something that came naturally to me, and I felt alive while doing it. I realized I was doing it for the money, I couldn’t deny it, but also for me. I had found something I was good at and wanted to keep doing it. ”

“Didn’t you work for agencies?”

“No, I was an independent Escort Amsterdam, nobody helped me, and I did everything by myself. It wasn’t easy to manage my bookings, but I didn’t have so many requests. Now I have too many, and I would like to take breaks every now and then.”

“Can you take a break whenever you want?”

“Yes, I can, but I haven’t earned enough money to afford it yet.”

“Why did you choose to specialize in Fingering Escort Service?” ”

“There is no particular reason. I noticed that only a few girls specialized in the service, and then I thought that having little competition could be a good thing. My choice was right, everyone who contacts me, including you, asks the Fingering Escort Service, and I do it. To be honest, I prefer to receive pleasure with cock and not with fingers, but if a man knows how to do fingering, it is pleasant to receive it. ”

“I see. What will you do when you take a break from the business?”

“I want to stop having sex for at least a month! And then have a long vacation around the world. I’ve always enjoyed traveling, but I never had the money to do it. Now I have the money, but I don’t have the time.”

“Well, it’s a great classic to be in these situations. The important thing is to find a balance between work and private life, between earning a lot of money and also having the opportunity to spend it.”

“Yes, it’s not easy, but in this business, it’s important not to waste time and make money right away and until you get the chance. I’m young, and time is on my side, I can still travel in a few years and enjoy my money like now.”

“Would you recommend a young girl to work as an Escort Amsterdam?”

“Yes, but only if you know exactly what you are getting into. Escorting also means having sex with horrible men, making love when you’re tired, and doing things you don’t like for money. It’s not as easy as that. I would say to try for some time but then think about it several times before becoming a professional. ”

“Thank you so much for your service, Cora.”

“You’re welcome!”


My experience with Cora has ended.