Escort Interview Cindy

Cindy Amsterdam Escort

Cindy Amsterdam Escort

I remember when I was young, we had to give a funny gift to a friend, and we had the idea of ​​buying something from a sex shop and giving her a nice sex toy. I was the only adult in my group of friends, so I could legally enter a sex shop to buy dildos. I saw huge, incredible sex toys and wondered how a woman could use them. The gift was a success, and the friend liked it very much, and I didn’t think about that episode anymore. Today I have to interview a beautiful Amsterdam escort named Cindy, and this girl escort specializes in sex toys escort service, the escort service that allows you to use sex toys during your Amsterdam Escort Experience.

I am very curious about what I can find out by talking to Cindy. Therefore, I have organized a meeting with this beautiful girl escort in the Ibis Amsterdam hotel lobby to be able to speak freely.

Cindy today is wearing white shoes, jeans, a pink shirt, and a black jacket. She is slim and in perfect physical shape, and it is impossible not to notice her when she walks into a room.

I also picture Cindy naked playing with a dildo in my mind, and this picture is really very exciting. I think the girl escort clearly noticed my growing erection.

I try to mask my reaction by starting the interview, but Cindy isn’t embarrassed; she smiles.

I don’t want to waste any more time. The interview can begin.


“Hi Cindy, I’m happy to see you; you look great today.”

“Thank you very much. This is my first interview, I hope not to disappoint you.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t ask hard questions.”

“Thanks, I really appreciate it.”

“The first question is the one I always ask all the escorts I interview: why did you decide to become an Amsterdam Escort?”

“I’ve always enjoyed having sex, and I realized that I could really make a lot of money by pleasing people by having sex, and I started to understand what I could do to get rich. I tried to work as a camgirl with some friends, but I didn’t like the idea of ​​sharing my earnings with them, so I started my channel. I didn’t have much success, so I thought about becoming an escort and give it a try. I started collaborating with this agency, and for now, I am successful. I like it. the idea of ​​not having to manage my bookings and just knowing when and where to meet people. ”

“I understand. Why did you choose to specialize in sex toys escort service?”

“I always used sex toys in my teens when I was in the mood for sex, but I didn’t have any guys available to fuck. I bought two big dildos and hid them in my bedroom and used them in the evenings when I was alone. I have always enjoyed using them, and I must also admit that it was more satisfying to use the dildo than to have sex with certain guys in many cases. Even when I was engaged, I continued to use didos every now and then, and then I asked my boyfriend to use them together. I didn’t think getting your boyfriend to use a dildo was that great, but it’s an incredibly exciting experience and can create a particularly deep bond with your man. ”

“Do you use dildos like this in the Sex Toys Escort Service?”

“Yes, I can do a dildo show using dildos to masturbate while the client is watching me or have the client use them who can masturbate me; I’m happy in both situations because I use the dildos and get paid for it.”

“Can you also put dildos in your ass?”

“Yes, but I don’t particularly appreciate it. I’ve done it a few times, but to be honest, it’s not something I really like because I’m not a big fan of anal sex. I do, but if I can choose, then it’s better to have a fuck in the ass instead of a dildo. ”

“I understand, in any case, if the customer wants it, you can do it, right?”

“Yes, it is possible. I fulfill all customer requests, even the strangest or the ones I don’t like because that’s what a professional does.”

“Do you always use the usual dildos in your sex toys escort service?”

“Yes, I have some dildos that I always carry with me when my client also buys this extra service, and then he has the right to choose which dildo to use. When I finish the service, I put them in their bag, and at home, I wash them with the utmost care. If I have to use them several times a day, I always have the disinfectant gel with me, and in the hotel room, I wash them with hot water and soap. ”

“You are very careful about hygiene, I’m happy with that.”

“I am a girl escort, and I work with my body. One of the things I have to provide for clients is the highest possible hygiene. Also, I work with my body, and I cannot afford to get sick. If I don’t work, I don’t earn, and I can’t risk compromising my reputation by making people believe that I am an Amsterdam escort who does not care for her personal hygiene. There is nothing further from the truth and whoever knows me knows it! ”

“What will you do when you stop working as a girl escort?”

“I would like to completely change my life, do new things, maybe even move to a new city. I would like to have a new start and start a family, and I’m afraid that staying in Amsterdam won’t be possible.”

“Are you afraid of being recognized by some customers?”

“Yes, this is one of my fears. I would like to end this phase of my life and totally change the sector, and besides, Amsterdam is too chaotic for me, I love the countryside.”

“I understand, then I wish you the best, dear Cindy.”

“Thank you too!”


The interview with the Amsterdam escort Cindy is over.