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Channel Escort Amsterdam

When a man hires a girl escort, it is easy to think that she will be penetrated all the holes of her body by the man’s penis, but sometimes this is not the case. There are men who have particular fetishes and do not wish to penetrate, but to be penetrated by an Escort Amsterdam. These men are said to be not homosexuals but just that they enjoy this kind of sex and take pleasure in a different way. As I see it, every person in bed is perfectly free to do what they want as long as they respect the rules and don’t hurt anyone, so everyone can get penetrated and penetrate what they want. When I learned that the beautiful Channel, the escort Amsterdam that I have to interview today, is very skilled in the Strapon Escort Amsterdam Service, I thought she was the perfect girl to help me in this controversial interview.

I spoke to the girl escort Channel to arrange a meeting, and we met at The Bulldog coffee shop to talk about sex and her job.

Channel is on her day off today and is wearing gray sweatpants, brown shoes, a nice pink car print t-shirt, and a black leather jacket. She is beautiful, and it’s not hard to see why men are so interested in paying to have sex with her.

I greet the beautiful Escort Amsterdam Channel, and we can start with the interview right away.


“Hi Channel, you look beautiful today. I’m very happy to be able to talk to you.”

“The pleasure is mine, don’t worry, ask me anything you want.”

“Why did you choose to work as an Escort Amsterdam?”

“It was a difficult time in my life. I had a job I didn’t like and the feeling that I didn’t have control over my life. I made stupid mistakes at work and spent my evenings wondering how that could have happened. I thought all that shit it just wasn’t worth it, as I was earning little money, and one day I realized I couldn’t take it anymore. ”

“Why? Did something particular happen?”

“No, I just realized I couldn’t lead that life anymore. At that point, the choice was between living like that and going crazy and changing my life, but I didn’t have a plan B; I should have invented something.”

“And what did you do?”

“I put my sanity first, and I quit the job. My family said I was crazy doing it, and we had a fight. I swore to myself that I would always be in control of my destiny, and in the end, I chose to be an escort. ”

“Why did you choose the profession of a girl escort?”

“I was good at having sex, I liked it, and I thought it was better to choose something I liked for my next job. I chose to do an experiment: try a few months and then see what happened. I’m still here, so the experiment was a success. ”

“Why did you choose to specialize in Strapon Amsterdam Escort Service?”

“I noticed that very few girls offered it, or rather, they were all willing to use sex toys but using the strapon was not a common thing. Moreover, our customers are men, and therefore it is rare that they are asked to use a strapon. However, there is still a small niche interested in this service. My business experience has taught me that no niche is too small, and I have chosen to satisfy their desire. Thanks to my intuition, I now have a lot of work. ”

“What is the Strapon Amsterdam Escort Service all about?”

“Well, it’s very simple: I wear a strapon belt, and then I penetrate my client or another escort in case of a threesome.”

“Does it happen often?”

“The threesome is a rare occurrence. Usually, the client is not interested in it, but I prefer to always carry my belt with me; it can always be useful. As for men, well, I have received this request much more often than I have. images.”

“How do you feel when you penetrate a man?”

“It’s strange, a role reversal that I really like, and the feeling of control I have is priceless. When I have full control over something, I’m happy, and I understand that I was born to do that.”

“And what does a man feel while being penetrated?”

“My clients have told me that they really like the particular stimulation they have of the prostate and that this allows them to have much more intense orgasms. I try to penetrate gently, with petroleum jelly and attention, so as not to hurt. . I know how I would like to be penetrated. Therefore I try to behave in a way that gives pleasure and not pain. ”


“Do you use condoms with the Strapon Amsterdam Escort Service?”

“Yes, safety is always essential right now, and I hope to always maintain a very high standard of quality and protection.”

“What are your plans for your future?”

“I think I will work as an Escort Amsterdam for several more years and in the meantime, I would like to create my own family, have vacations and things that I have never been able to do while I was wasting time in the other job. not today, and not even tomorrow. ”

“I understand; thank you very much for your time.”

“Thank you.”

“Have you ever been in a situation that made you uncomfortable?”

“I don’t really like penetrating other girls, and I always wish I didn’t have to. I can refuse to do something, but I don’t want to disappoint the client who paid for something. After all, I’m a professional, but I always hope I don’t have to. Luckily, as I said, it is rare, and clients prefer to penetrate women with a penis and not a strapon belt.

The interview is over.