Escort Interview Celine

Celine Amsterdam Escort

Celine Amsterdam Escort

In sex with a sex escort, there can be a number of roles: dominating, then being dominated, being a master, and then the slave, and so on. You choose to play that role based on what you choose to experience and the mood of the evening, but there are also some Amsterdam Escorts who prefer to always be submissive. Today I have to interview one of these girls, a gorgeous Amsterdam Escort named Celine, who specializes in Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service.

Our meeting takes place at the Popeye Coffee Shop in Amsterdam, and the beautiful Celine is wearing a pair of leather pants, clogs, and a black shirt. I have to admit it’s a weird look for a sex escort specialized in Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service, really daring.

I don’t want to waste any more time; our interview can start right away.


“Hi Celine, how are you? Thank you for being here with me.”

“I’m fine, thank you. Thank you for inviting me here.”

“Sorry for the trivial question, but I have to ask it. How did you become an Amsterdam Escort? What’s your story?”

“Well, a couple of years ago, I was looking for part-time jobs to have time to study, and I worked in a convenience store. There were guys who tried to seduce me, and I finally accepted their offers to have sex with them. As a joke, I asked them to pay me, and they did! ”

“What do you mean you asked for it as a joke?”

“I wasn’t interested in money, they were good looking guys, and I was happy to have sex with them. I just wanted to joke and told them that they had to pay me if they wanted to have anal sex. They left, and after a short time, they came back with some money. ”

“And what did you do?”

“It was a lot of money, double my salary, and I couldn’t resist. It was the first time I took money to have sex, and I lost my anal virginity like that. I felt guilty because it was the wrong thing to have sex in return. of money, but at the same time, I enjoyed the experience but did not dare to admit it publicly. ”

“And what happened then?”

“The guys kept paying me for anal sex, and I kept taking the money. I needed it; I would have been crazy not to accept.”

“So you enjoyed earning that money, but at the same time, you felt guilty because you felt like you were prostituting yourself?”

“Yes, exactly. A paradox, right?”

“And what happened then?”

“I started doing some math, and I noticed that my sex escort business brought me a lot more money than part-time work, and I had a lot more fun doing it. I thought I could do it full time for a period of time, make enough money to not worry for a few years, and then quit, and that’s what I did. ”

“Why did you choose the Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service? You don’t look like a submissive girl; you asked those guys to get paid.”

“You’re right, but I had to differentiate myself from other girls, and men want to be in control in the bedroom, or at least, most of them. When a man pays an Amsterdam Escort, he wants to fuck a beautiful woman, and he doesn’t want any hassle or girl to tell them what to do and what not to do. They want to have control over my body, and they are willing to pay for it. Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service allows them to do it, and I specialize in that. ”

“What is the Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service? What can the customer do?”

“A lot of things.

In summary, you can do whatever the customer wants (and pay, of course), and I’ll be a submissive girl. This means that I will never object to his requests and that I will do whatever the client wants. ”

“I understand, but only with the things he paid for, right?”

“Yes, of course. I am submissive, but up to a certain point.”

“Has it ever happened that a customer tried to get more than what he paid for?”

“It happens very often, especially for the duration of the service. I am not too strict; if we have sex for five or ten minutes more, there is no problem unless I have a busy schedule. Therefore I have to go immediately away, but I met customers who wanted to stay an extra half hour or who tried to kiss me even if they hadn’t bought the extra service. ”

“And what did you do?”

“Usually, I ask the customer to respect the agreements, and the problem is solved. If someone insists, I can accommodate them, but then they will be banned from our service.”

“Maybe they believe that buying Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service gives them the right to do what they want with you.”

“Yeah, I think so too, and I don’t like that. If I have to make a confession, I’m planning to leave the business soon.”

“Wow, this is a scoop!”

“It’s not official for now, but I think I’ll quit in a few months. I’ve got enough money, and I’m a little sick of dealing with rude people, and my schedule is very stressful.”

“I understand, and what will you do at the end of your sex escort career?”

“I don’t know, I think for the first time in a long time I’ll rest for a while and enjoy my money and then who knows, one step at a time.”

“So people who buy Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service now can have it for the last time?”

“Yes, it’s extremely likely, unless I change my mind.”

“I understand. Thank you very much for your availability.”

“You are welcome!”


Our interview is over.